Katie's Birthday Giveaway my birthday is june 6th and I have gifts for you.

All I want for my birthday is to share my creations with more people. I want nice round numbers of followers on Instagram, the Katemade Designs blog and my Facebook page.

I'm so close to 200 followers on Instagram.

Is it possible to get 52 more followers on Instagram in less than a week?

Is it possible to get 41 more followers on my blog? As an Obliger (a Gretchen Rubin term) I know that the more people who want to read my writing the more motivated I will be to write. KatemadeDesigns.blogspot.com

Is it possible to get 28 more followers on my Facebook page? @KatemadeDesigns

I'm planning on giving away a gift on each of these platforms for my birthday. That's 3 packages heading out the door.

For each of the goals I reach I will send out a second package. 41 new blog followers? Another package out the door. 52 Instagram followers? Hello Mr. Mailman. 28 more Facebook followers? USPS gets more money for postage.

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Katie Bolinger

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