Good Life Tour of the Harn By Rachel Lotze

Photo take by Kim Le

Medium of Art and the Technique of the Artist

Photo taken by Kim Le

I found the Nolli Map particularly striking because of the amount of effort required to make a map of that size, with such a high degree of detail. From a distance, or in a photograph, it is difficult to see exactly where each of the twelve plates started and ended. However, by going to the Harn, I was able to get a closer look at the map and see the fine lines outlining where each plate was placed during the printing process. Looking closely at the map also reveals the tiny strokes that were engraved into the printing plates, and later filled with ink and pressed onto paper. I also saw the writing on the map that labelled important places and sites in Rome, which would be hard to see if I wasn't very close to the map. It is impressive how accurate the it is, given how it was made without modern technology, like satellite images. I was excited to see this map, since I have been to Rome, and I enjoy Classical influences in art, like what is pictured in the bottom corners.

Design of the Museum

Photo taken by Kim Le

I really enjoyed the etchings gallery. It felt very calming because of the wooden floors and the warm, salmon colored walls. I liked how there were benches so visitors could sit and admire the artwork, this helped make the space feel even more relaxing. I also really liked how they had boxes of magnifying glasses attached to the walls, so people could borrow the magnifying glasses and get a closer look at the etchings. The gallery was well lit, which allowed the viewers to see the artwork clearly. It was also nice how there were free standing display walls, as well as structural walls, and all of these walls were full of art to look at. Viewers can spend hours in this room without running out of new details to notice in all of the pieces of art.

Art and Core Values

Photo taken by Kim Le

I tend to like landscapes because I place a lot of value in finding peace and beauty in nature. The earth is a diverse place, but beauty can still be found all over the world, and I find that very comforting. My family and I moved around a lot when I was younger, but I was always able to find something pleasant about wherever we lived. This painting depicts three deer in a brightly lit meadow, with a heavenly sky in the background. While it is a highly detailed painting, it still feels calm and inviting, rather than chaotic or threatening. The deer are standing still, instead of running around, and it looks like the kind of place where someone could go to collect their thoughts. I have always liked to be outside, and it feels rejuvenating to spend time in the parts of the world where humans have had less of an impact. While people may be different and complicated all across the world, nature has always felt simpler to me.

Art and the Good Life

Photo taken by Kim Le

This linocut by TufiƱo depicts the theme of Sharing the Good Life. His works are inspired by coffee farmers, and the artwork above shows a gathering of friends and family. While their work may be difficult, these people find happiness by being together, talking, dancing, and making music. This shows how the Good Life does not have to be built by material things. Instead, good relationships can lead to an ideal life.

Created By
Rachel Lotze


Created with images by kudumomo - "Sunset"

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