The Trojan War brianna torres period 3

How it started

The war started after the Queen Helen of Sparta was abducted by the Trojan prince Paris. Menelaus, Helen’s husband, convinced his brother, Agamemnon the king of Mycenae to send out an expedition to rescue her

Important roles in Trojan War

Odysseus : wise Greek warrior, thought of the Trojan War

Aeneas : only surviving Trojan warrior

Achilles: The greatest Greek warrior

Patroclus: Achilles best friend, who was killed , givinghim strength and motivation to fight on

How it ended

The Trojan War came to an end when Troy was defeated by the Greeks using a big wooden horse to climb over the walls of Troy. Troy thinking it was a peace treaty, accepted the horse, revealing it was a trap. The decade long war ended.

Homer's past was a mystery to all. He was believed to be the main educator of his time, due to the fact he wrote The Odyssey and The Lliad. In the epic, The Odyssey, Demodoko, a minstrel/blind poet, was assumed to be a character of reflection on himself. They both had curly hair with a curly beard.


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