Night With the Divine

The Spatial Experience: My seat was up front and on the edge where I was capable of leaning on part of the stage if I wanted to. I felt very up close and personal with the cast which made me feel more in touch with the show. The large amount of people in the theater also added to my experience. It was more meaningful to be in a theater full of people since I knew that we all came into the show with different backgrounds and experiences but we all saw the same show. Yet, our differences may have meant that we had gotten different things from the show and taken home different meanings which was cool to think about. (Image Personally Taken)
The Social Experience: My social experience was impacted by my friend whom I attended the play with. We got ready separately and then met up outside the theater. I think my experience was shaped differently than it would have been if I had viewed the play alone since I was more comfortable in seeing it. I was sitting next to someone I knew so I felt more comfortable with my surroundings. Also, I had someone to discuss the play and different aspects with. We talked about the talk back and how it was interesting that this was the first time this play had been performed in the United States. My experience of the play was shifted having my friend there since I got to see his unique points on the show as well. (Image Personally Taken)
The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: The Constans Theater, to me, feels like a center of diversity. So many different shows and performance types have happened there. People with so many different backgrounds, cultures, beliefs, and experiences all have gathered in the same one place. Being in the theater, even in the lobby where this photo was taken, fills me with a sense of worldliness. There is such uniqueness about the arts, including the statue in the photo. I feel that the way the play projected theatre and the arts was a new way of looking at it for me. As someone who has done theatre for a few years I always thought of it as a method of entertainment but rather, the show portrayed it as a way to send an important message about life. This ability to look at the arts from an alternative perspective is a very interesting viewpoint that I will be influenced by from this day forward. (Image Personally Taken)
The Emotional Experience: I chose the picture of the Constans theater doors for this one because I feel like doors accurately represent the idea this play tries to get across. One has to make a conscious decision to walk through the doors just like one has to make a conscious decision to see and take a message from a play. The Divine had a message that may be controversial or not something everyone likes to hear. It is a personal choice whether you allow yourself to hear it and make the change or just to walk away. This play presents the audience with the wrongdoings of mankind and the injustice we have placed on people. Accepting this fault and vowing for a change is like "coming clean" or catharsis. The Divine gives the audience this opportunity. It is each individuals choice, however, whether to do anything about it or not. (Image personally taken)

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