NEVADA by Alex

The name of my state is Nevada My border states are Utah,California,Idaho,Arizona,Oregon
My name of my University is University of Reno, and its in the city of Reno. The name of my states capital is Carson city And my state is in mountain time zone
The state bird of Nevada is the mountain Bluebird And the name of are state flower is the Sage bush and are states nick name is the Battle born state
State attractions The hoover dam, the Los Vegas strip, lake Tahoe.
Famous people DeMarco Murray,Kurt Busch, and Lamar odom
My mascot name is the Wolf Pack
My players name is Jordan Caroline His home town is Champaign il hes a Sophomore his height is 6,7 and his weight is 235
HAIL to our sturdy team, loyal and true, MARCH, march on down the field oh Silver and Blue! We'll give a long cheer for NEVADA's team, See them break through again, Fighting for our own U of N to victory. N - E - V - A - D - A NEVADA!
Created By
Alexander Lippincott

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