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Zeus is the King of the Greek gods. He was married to Hera, his sister, and many more. She was queen of the Greek gods. Zeus's weapon of choice was a thunderbolt. He ruled the heavens while his 2 brothers ruled different areas of the universe. Hades ruled the underworld while Poseidon ruled the sea and oceans. Zeus was the wisest and the mightiest of them all. Zeus became King of the Gods by defeating his dad, Cronus, and the Titans.

The ruler of the seas, Poseidon, was Zeus's brothers along with Hades. Poseidon was the second strongest Greek god. Hercules, on the other hand, had strength beyond human abilities! He could carry Athena's statue all by himself. Poseidon had children. One of them was Percy Jackson. While Hercules had no children.

The King of Greek gods named Zeus became the ruler by fighting against his dad, Cronus, and the 11 other Titans. Zeus won the moment his 2 brothers, Poseidon and Hades, and he cornered Cronus. After Cronus was defeated, he was sent to the tarantulas at the underworld and died with the other 11 Titans.


Created with images by michelmondadori - "meteora greece mountains" • Tilemahos Efthimiadis - "Bronze statuette of Zeus. About 490-480 BC." • psyberartist - "Sounion, Greece (Temple of Poseidon)" • Francisco Antunes - "Santorini, Greece"

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