Virtual Reality by: Joshua pillo

An amazing new innovation is the creation of virtual reality. Brands like Oculus and Samsung have began making headsets, that when you put on, your eyes see another world. The idea of virtual reality was created in 2010 by Palmer Luckey. He created the oculus rift VR(virtual reality). Since the creation of the first oculus rift, virtual reality has began to grow and advance over the years. Virtual reality has particularly became famous in 2016.

I personally think that virtual reality is pretty cool. I have had the pleasure of experiencing virtual reality and I find it remarkable. When you put on a virtual reality headset, you are in a completely different place. A whole world just for yourself. There are many things you can use virtual reality for. Thing such as gaming, architecture, therapy, and simulations. More often virtual reality is used for playing video games. Playing games first person using virtual reality is an entire new experience. Virtual reality is also used for architecture. This is by not spending time and money drawing designs for buildings. Building companies have began using virtual reality to see the final product before its begun. It is also used for physical therapy. Virtual reality can help distract you from the pain when going through physical therapy. With less pain, patients can push themselves to get better faster. One more thing that virtual reality is used for is simulations. These simulations can range from games to military training. The military is starting to use virtual reality for fighter pilots to train pilots.

The information listed above is proof that virtual reality is growing in our society and is alway's being given more uses. I think the future for virtual reality is very bright. I think virtual reality will be used in schools to help teach by giving students first person learning. Also I think that its possible to help with depression and people with low self esteem. This is because t makes people get distracted my the real world by putting them in their own world what cant hurt them. by being the first person hero in your favourite game, it makes people feel good about themselves. I know virtual reality will not be forgotten in the next few years. The product will grow and come out with more uses to help everyone.

Using a virtual Reality Headset
Driving Simulation


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