Collegium Newsletter August 26, 2019

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CCS Family Calendar

Image Caption: Collegium's school colors are blue and white. Our mascot is Carl the Cougar.

Collegium follows a six-day rotating schedule for all students. This schedule reduces schedule change effects on classes that do not meet daily.

For example, instead of your child's schedule being the same from Monday to Friday, they will have a schedule for Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, and Day 6. You can find the Days here in our weekly multimedia Newsletter and on the homepage of our website.

Mon., Aug. 26th - Day 6

  • No Family Calendar Events or Activities

Tue., Aug. 27th - Day 1

  • High School Detention | Designated Classroom 3:00pm - 4:30pm @ 515 Building (HS)
  • CCST: Fall Play Auditions | Cafeteria 3:15pm - 6:00pm @ 515 Building (HS)
  • Boys V Soccer vs. Cheltenham 3:45pm @ Cheltenham HS
  • Girls JV Volleyball vs. Pottsgrove | Gym 3:45pm @ 535 Building (MS)
  • Girls V Volleyball vs. Pottsgrove | Gym 4:45pm @ 535 Building (MS)

Wed., Aug. 28th - Day 2

  • Grades K-4: ROAR Review Day | Wear ROAR Shirts W/ Uniform Bottoms

Thu., Aug. 29th - Day 3

  • High School Detention | Designated Classroom 3:00pm - 4:30pm @ 515 Building (HS)
  • Grades 9-12: CCS Morning News Meeting | Mac Lab 3:15pm - 4:15pm @ 515 Building (HS)

Fri., Aug. 30th - Day 4

  • Grades K-12: Early Dismissal for Students and Employees | Grades 7-12 Dismissed at 11:30am; Grades K-6 Dismissed at 12:15pm
  • K-12 Cougar Gear Online Sale Ends (Began Monday, August 19th) | All Buildings
  • Kindergarten: ROAR Rally Day | Wear ROAR Shirts W/ Uniform Bottoms | Cafeterias; 150 & 468 8:15am - 12:15pm
  • Boys V Soccer vs. Springfield (MontCo) 10:00am @ Springfield High School
  • Girls JV Volleyball vs. Marple Newtown | Gym 12:30pm @ 535 Building (MS)
  • Girls V Volleyball vs. Marple Newtown | Gym 1:30pm @ 535 Building (MS)

August And September K-12 Menus And Payment Information

The Food Service Department's August and September K-12 Menus and Payment Information are available using the buttons below. This information is also posted as a Resource on the Food Service page of our website.

Questions about the Food Service Department? Email our Food Service Director, Mr. Mike Ely.

CCS’s First Week Of The 2019-2020 School Year

Kindergarten Orientation Sessions

On Monday, August 19th and Tuesday, August 20th, CCS’s 150 and 468/486 Buildings welcomed new Kindergarten students and their families for fun, informative Orientation Sessions designed just for them.

“Kindergarteners and their families were able to ease into the school day by attending small, half-day Orientation Sessions before starting full-time on Wednesday,” said Mr. Tom Glennon, our new 468/486 Building Principal. “They met staff members, learned about all the fun things they’ll experience this year, and explored their buildings on school tours.”

150 Building Kindergarten: First Week Of The 2019-2020 School Year

Kindergarten Orientation Sessions included first-hand support to help Kindergarteners and their families learn about CCS policies and classroom procedures. Our Kindergarteners were also able to meet new friends in a small setting and otherwise become familiar with their buildings. The Orientation activities went a long way to calm our incoming Kindergarteners’ fears about starting school!

“Kindergarten orientation is an opportunity to extend the olive branch between parents, students, and teachers. What a wonderful way to begin your educational career!” -Mrs. Marie Covert, Kindergarten Teacher, 150 Building
468/486 Building Kindergarten: First Week Of The 2019-2020 School Year

Brain breaks, math manipulatives, bus tours, and snacks enhanced the Kindergarteners’ first day at CCS. The Orientation Sessions were especially valuable because the children shared their experiences with their parents/guardians. Our 468/486 and 150 Building Kindergarten Teams are so thankful they could collaborate with students and their families in their beginning steps to successful careers at CCS!

Mrs. Kristin Camburn, 150 Building Assistant Principal, expressed the pride our 150 and 468/486 Principals had for their Kindergarten Teams’ extraordinary efforts. “Our teachers and staff worked extremely hard together planning and running Kindergarten Orientation. Their diligence and creativity were definitely worthwhile, as evidenced by the smiles on our families’ and students’ faces as they learned about Collegium and their classrooms. I would also like to give kudos to all of the families who took time out of their busy schedules to start a collaborative and working relationship with us.”

In Our 1st Through 6th Grades

The 2019-2020 school year also started extremely well for 1st through 6th Grade students in our 150, 468/486, and 500 Buildings. Mr. Brent Thorpe, 150 Building Assistant Principal, observed that “The first week of school was bustling with energy, excitement, and the building of foundations for relationships that will propel our students to success. Our teachers worked tirelessly to create an environment that welcomed all of our students and families. Also, the students showed their knowledge of our ROAR expectations through a friendly ‘Battle of the Grade Levels’ at our assembly!”

150 Building: First Week Of The 2019-2020 School Year
“This has been the most successful start to a school year I’ve ever experienced. We have phenomenal students, families, and staff members who are committed to making our school a positive learning experience and environment for everyone. I’m thrilled to be a new member of our Collegium family!” -Mr. Tom Glennon, 468/486 Building Principal
468/486 Building: First Week Of The 2019-2020 School Year

Our Elementary students enjoyed many fun activities during their first week of school. Scavenger hunts and other team-building activities allowed the children to get to know their new teachers and classmates and provided a chance for them to learn leadership skills, as well. Students dove into the 2019-2020 curriculum with their teachers and showed impressive insights, questioning, and creativity from the get-go!

In the 500 Building, our 5th and 6th Graders’ first-week adventures included exploring STEM activities, learning about the building’s new Positive Behavior Intervention Supports program, and completing learning/interest surveys to help teachers and administrators better shape students’ 2019-2020 school year experience.

500 Building: First Week Of The 2019-2020 School Year
"What an amazing first week of school in the 500 Building! Our students and teachers have come back to school with smiles on their faces and great attitudes. You can feel the positive energy of our school as soon as you walk in the building!" -Mr. Shaun Murphy, Principal, 500 Building

Collegium's Middle School (535 Building)

CCS’s Middle School teachers and administrators went to great lengths to create a strong start for our 7th and 8th Graders in their new building. “The students are making their way through the halls of Collegium Middle School and learning where to go,” said Mr. Ted Sterious, Middle School Principal.

535 Building (MS): First Week Of The 2019-2020 School Year

“We have two floors now,” Mr. Sterious continued, “and our staff and students are navigating their way around. The first week saw some new faces and some familiar faces. It was exciting to see the kids moving about and getting ready for the 2019-20 school year. Procedures, norms, routines, lockers, and assemblies all kicked off the first week of school. A Rec Night last Friday night was a perfect finish to the week. I see the excitement on the students’ faces, and it makes me thrilled to see the joy and potential of a new start with endless opportunities!”

Our High School (515 Building)

In our new High School building, teachers, staff, and administrators prepared a great plan to ease our 9th through 12th Graders’ first-week anxieties. "Beginning a high school career is exciting and can be a little intimidating,” commented Mr. Graham Dryburgh, High School Assistant Principal. “To help introduce our 9th Grade students to High School, our first official school day saw just the freshman class attend school. They were met by an enthusiastic group of teachers eager to meet them and help them navigate their first day.”

515 Building (HS): First Week Of The 2019-2020 School Year
“Throughout the day, 9th Grade students were led through a variety of activities to welcome them to High School that included decorating sidewalks with positive messages in chalk, participating in a building scavenger hunt, and competing in team-building games.” -Mr. Graham Dryburgh, High School Assistant Principal

Mr. Carlo Testa, who joins the High School this year as Assistant Principal, shared additional first-week details. “Our upperclassmen joined our 9th Graders in their new home on Tuesday, and the positive vibe was unmistakable. We shortened the periods to help students find their classrooms and meet their teachers, and allowed time for them to learn about Homeroom expectations, the importance of planning, and expectations for them in 2019-2020.”

A moment that caught the eye of many was when an upperclassman generously bought lunch for a new 9th Grade student who was having trouble with their lunch PIN. “It's things like these—creativity, enthusiasm, and a spirit of generosity—that make Collegium a great place to be!" Mr. Testa said proudly.

Mr. Dryburgh thinks that “Our first day was a huge success and was the perfect start to what will be a great 2019-2020 school year!"

Girls Middle School Volleyball Team Tryouts

Attention All Female Athletes In 7th And 8th Grades!

MS Girls Volleyball Team tryouts are being held this week on Tuesday, August 27th, Wednesday, August 28th, and Thursday, August 29th between 4:00 PM and 5:15 PM in the 500 Building Gym.

Girls who want to try out MUST bring their completed PIAA Physical Forms (dated after June 1, 2019) with them, along with a completed Permission Form and Emergency Contact Form (accessible at links below).

Students trying out for MS Girls Volleyball should report to Ms. DiFranks’ Room (622) in the 535 Building (MS) immediately after PM Homeroom. Please wear appropriate athletic wear/comfortable clothing and sneakers.

Parents/guardians must pick up their student-athletes from tryouts promptly at 5:15 PM at the 500 Building Gym.

CCS’s Girls Volleyball Team has become increasingly competitive over the last few years. We can’t wait to see what the 2019-2020 season has in store. Please join us at tryouts! Email Coach Dealy at the button below with questions.

Urgent: PowerSchool Student Data Verifications Due Now

For the 2019-2020 school year, parents/guardians must use their online PowerSchool Parent Accounts to complete their children's Student Data Verification processes and signature page submissions. It's no longer possible to complete these tasks in paper form.

If you haven't already done so, please take a few minutes now to log into your account and complete the Student Data Verification process. Simply access your PowerSchool Parent Account, click the Student Data Verification Link in the navigation menu, and follow the screen instructions.

Need help accessing your account? Email our PowerSchool Administrator.

Important Information From Our School Nurses

Our School Nurses want to remind parents and guardians that Pennsylvania requires the following student medical forms for 2019-2020:

Physical Examination Reports

Physical Examination Reports are required for Kindergarten, 6th, and 11th Grade Students and must be:

  • Signed by a physician
  • Less than nine (9) months old as of August 19, 2019
  • Uploaded to Magnus Health by January 30, 2020

Dental Examination Reports

Dental Examination Reports are required for students in Kindergarten, 3rd Grade, and 7th Grade and must be:

  • Signed by a dentist
  • Dated after July 1, 2019
  • Uploaded to Magnus Health by January 30, 2020

Magnus Health

Magnus Health is CCS’s online medical record management system. Families must upload Medical and Dental Examination Forms to Magnus Health as soon as possible, but by no later than January 30, 2020.

To Access Magnus Health:

  • Sign in to your PowerSchool Parent Account
  • Locate the dark blue toolbar towards the top of the screen
  • On this toolbar, click the icon shaped like a square with an arrow pointing up
  • Then click the blue Magnus Health link

If you’re using Magnus Health for the first time, please watch the introductory video before moving on to other sections.

We’ve provided links to Magnus Health Customer Service below if you need help navigating the system, entering data online, downloading cover sheets and forms, or other issues. There is also a button for CCS personnel if you want to notify us of Magnus Health issues you encounter. Please note that our School Nurses are not able to reset Magnus Health passwords. Thank you!

Call Magnus Health Customer Service:

Email Magnus Health Customer Service:

Notify CCS About Magnus Health Issues:

K-12 School Picture Days Scheduled

This school year, CCS will partner with Barksdale School Portraits for your children’s school pictures.

Barksdale is a local, fourth-generation company that’s been taking school pictures since 1922. We’re excited about working with their experienced staff and photographers to make wonderful school memories for our families. We know our families will enjoy the many services and conveniences Barksdale offers, including:

  • Affordable photo packages
  • Online photo review and ordering
  • Terrific customer service

This year’s School Picture and Photo Retake Days will be:

  • Grades K-6: Mon., Sept. 23rd (School Picture Day)
  • Grades 7-11: Mon., Sept. 30th (School Picture Day)
  • Grades 7-11: Mon., Nov. 11th (Photo Retake Day)
  • Grades K-6: Mon., Nov. 18th (Photo Retake Day)

To learn more about Barksdale School Portraits, visit the company's website using the button below.

CCS Employment Opportunities Available

Food Service Assistant (Part-Time)

Responsibilities include preparing and serving Lunch for CCS students, as well as clean-up and sanitization of food service areas. Our Food Service Assistants typically work five-hour shifts each school day (approximately 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM).

Interested? Please visit CCS’s Employment Page at the link below to view our open position listings and apply.

CCS Employment Opportunities Available

School Bus Driver (Part-Time)

Part-time School Bus Drivers safely transport students to/from field trips and sporting events. Work schedule includes primarily afternoon, evening, and weekend hours. Candidates must have or be able to obtain a CDL and School Bus Endorsement; training is available.

Interested? Please visit CCS’s Employment Page at the link below to view our open position listings and apply.

CCS Employment Opportunities Available

School Safety Officer (Part-Time)

Part-time School Safety Officers patrol and monitor our school campus and buildings to ensure a safe and orderly environment for staff, students, and visitors. EMT training is preferred. The work schedule may include evenings and weekend hours.

Interested? Please visit CCS’s Employment Page at the link below to view our open position listings and apply.

CCS Uniform Policy Change Reminder

Attention Families Of 7th And 9th Grade Students

Last school year during its May 16th Regular Public Meeting, the CCS Board of Trustees (the Board) voted to change the CCS Uniform Policy at our Middle and High Schools (MS/HS).

Beginning with the 2019-2020 school year, students in 7th and 9th Grades are no longer allowed to wear hooded CCS sweatshirts. Instead, these students may wear the new A+ Unisex Sweatshirt option (pictured below) in "Performance Wine" (7th Grade) or "Performance Navy" (9th Grade).

Examples of the new A+ Unisex Sweatshirt in "Performance Wine" (left) and "Performance Navy" (right).

This CCS Uniform Policy change saves families money and enhances the safety of our MS/HS Schools by allowing CCS personnel to identify students more quickly. Also, the new A+ Unisex Sweatshirt provides a more professional uniform option to better prepare our students for the workforce.

The Board’s decision is specific to all 2019-2020 7th Grade and 9th Grade students; however, all MS/HS families are advised that the hooded CCS sweatshirt will be eliminated from the CCS Uniform Policy for all MS/HS students in 2020-2021.

If you have questions or concerns about how this change will impact your Middle School child, please email Mr. Sterious. Dr. O’Brien can help families with questions or concerns related to High School children.

Important Arrival and Dismissal Reminders

During Arrival and Dismissal and at all times while driving on Collegium's campus, please display your building-specific vehicle placard(s). Forgot your placard(s)? Be prepared to present a photo ID to CCS staff.

To ensure the safety of our students, parents must stay in their vehicles during Arrival and Dismissal. Do not enter the school buildings during Arrival and Dismissal. Maps and videos of the Dismissal Routes are included below and on the Transportation page of our website. Review your route(s) ahead of time and know your route(s) when you arrive to our campus. Please share this information with anyone who may be driving your child.

Arrival and Dismissal will be hectic for the first two weeks or so of school, but after that, things will run smoothly. Please be patient and follow CCS employees' instructions as they direct vehicles along the appropriate Arrival and Dismissal Routes.

District-Provided Transportation Reminders

If you're waiting at the bus stop and are concerned because the bus has not arrived:

Please do not call Collegium. Call the bus company directly. The bus company can radio your child’s bus, determine its location, and advise you of the bus’s anticipated arrival time. Please make sure to call the correct company for your child’s bus route (the name is on your child’s bus) and that you know the bus number and the location of the bus stop.

If the length of your child’s bus ride seems excessive, or if the bus is continually running late (or early):

Please contact your home school district's Transportation Office. While CCS certainly sympathizes with these problems, we have no ability to effect change with your home school district on these issues. We do, however, track the arrival of buses to CCS, and we report repeated late arrivals and pick-ups to the home school districts and bus companies.

  • Coatesville Area School District Transportation: 610-466-2418
  • Downingtown Area School District Transportation: 610-269-8460, ext. 6120
  • West Chester Area School District Transportation: 484-266-1040, press 2
  • Great Valley School District Transportation: 610-889-2133
  • Owen J. Roberts School District Transportation: 610-469-5254
  • Tredyffrin/Eastown School District Transportation: 610-240-1680
  • Phoenixville School District Transportation: 484-927-5026
  • Unionville/Chadds Ford District Transportation: 610-347-0804

Collegium's Campus Glossary

We recognize that it can be tricky to keep up with CCS's grade levels and buildings. Below is a glossary to help you learn more about our campus.

  • Elementary: Kindergarten through 6th Grade (K-6)
  • MS: Our Middle School students, Grades 7 and 8
  • HS: Our High School students, Grades 9-12
  • 150 or 150 Building: 150 Oaklands Boulevard, home to half of our Kindergarten through 4th Grade classes (K-4)
  • 468/486 or 468/486 Building: 468 Thomas Jones Way and 486 Thomas Jones Way, home to the second half of our Kindergarten through 4th Grade classes (K-4)
  • 500 or 500 Building: 500 James Hance Court, where our students in Grades 5 and 6 have classes
  • CHS or 515 or 515 Building: 515 James Hance Court, our High School for students in Grades 9-12
  • CMS or 535 or 535 Building: 535 James Hance Court, our Middle School for students in Grades 7 and 8
  • 435 or 435 Building: 435 Creamery Way, where our Administrative Offices are located (no student classes are held in 435)

20th Anniversary K-12 Cougar Gear Online Sale

Throughout the school year on designated Dress Down Days, CCS students are encouraged to wear Cougar Gear to show their school spirit. Cougar Gear includes CCS T-shirts, sweatshirts, and other clothing items printed with the CCS logo. CCS teams, clubs, events, and fundraisers often also create various Cougar Gear items during the school year.

Our 20th Anniversary Cougar graphic, shown below, is designed with white ink on royal blue and is featured on all of our 2019-2020 Cougar Gear options. The graphic includes the phrase, "Educating Students to Reach Their Fullest Academic Potential," a key message from Collegium's new Mission Statement.

Collegium's 20th Anniversary Graphic

To make our Cougar Gear sale an easy online process, Collegium partnered with Bonfire, a design and technology company that helps people design and sell custom shirts. Note: The deadline for our sale is Saturday, August 31st at 11:59 PM EST. All orders submitted after 11:59 PM EST on Saturday, August 31st will not be processed.

Tracking Bonfire Orders

Classic Long Sleeve Tee Option

You can track your order status by visiting Bonfire's Track Your Order page. Just enter the order number from your confirmation email to view your shipping details. This page will keep you updated during each stage of your order's production and shipping. If you don't receive an order confirmation email, check your Spam/Junk folder, and search for “Bonfire." You can also send Bonfire a message via its Contact Us page.

Domestic Shipping

Pullover Hoodie Option

With Bonfire, domestic shipping starts at $3.99 for the first item. Each additional item ordered adds $2.50 in shipping. For larger orders of four or more products, domestic shipping costs stay flat at $11.49.

International Shipping

Premium Unisex Tee Option

Bonfire is one of the few platforms that ships worldwide. For all orders shipping to destinations outside the U.S., including U.S. territories, International shipping starts at $9.99 for the first item and increases $4.00 for each additional product. For larger orders of four or more products, Bonfire's International shipping costs stay flat at $21.99.

Estimated Printing And Shipping Times

U.S. customers will receive their shirts between seven and 14 (7-14) business days after a campaign ends. International orders may take up to 21 business days to arrive.

Women's Slim-Fit Tee Option

Returns, Refunds, And Exchanges Courtesy Of Bonfire

Youth Unisex Tee Option

Occasionally, a Bonfire order might go awry. For all refund or reprint requests, just reach out to Bonfire via its Contact Us page. Bonfire's Customer Happiness Team will be pleased to make your order right. Here are a few scenarios and how to resolve them with Bonfire:

  • Misprinted, Damaged, Defective, or Incorrect Orders: If Bonfire messes up and your order arrives misprinted, damaged, defective, or is incorrect in any way, the company will gladly offer you the choice between a reprint of the product or a full refund.
  • Shirt Size Exchanges: If your shirt order does not fit as expected, or if the wrong size was ordered, Bonfire will gladly reprint your order in the correct size, free of charge.
  • All Other Returns: If you’ve simply changed your mind and would like to return your order, Bonfire is able to issue a refund for the cost of the apparel, plus shipping costs. Not included in your refund are the funds raised for Collegium (just a few dollars per shirt), which Bonfire sends to Collegium after the campaign ends.
  • Order Cancellations: If you’d like to cancel your order before the campaign’s end date, simply contact Bonfire. The company will cancel your order and issue you a full refund. After a campaign’s end date, Bonfire is not able to cancel orders because they are already being produced and shipped. Instead, please use Bonfire's Contact Us page to explore other options.

Label Your Children's Belongings!

Label your child’s backpack, lunchbox, uniform pieces, outerwear, and any other items with your child’s first and last names. If you have enough space, also include a phone number.

Attendance Reminder

If your child is absent, please let us know by calling 610-903-1300, choosing Option #1, and following the instructions for your child's building. You must also send a signed excuse note with your child on the day they return to school.

Tip Resources From The West Whiteland Police Department

Collegium maintains a strong and trusting partnership with the West Whiteland Police Department (WWPD). Together, we encourage all Collegium students, staff, and parents/guardians to contact the WWPD with any information they feel should be investigated.

The WWPD has a dedicated email address and phone number for the public to provide information quickly and directly to the WWPD.

The email address and phone line above are monitored by the WWPD Criminal Investigation Unit. If you have information about suspected criminal activity, we encourage you to contact the WWPD using the email address, or by leaving a voicemail message on the WWPD Tip Line. Everyone utilizing the phone number or email address can remain anonymous if they wish.

If your concerns are specific to the Collegium campus, please also contact your Building Principal(s):

Collegium Cares: CHIP

Pennsylvania's CHIP (Children's Health Insurance Program) provides high-quality health care coverage to help keep children strong.

CHIP covers uninsured kids and teens up to age 19. With more than 111,000 uninsured children in Pennsylvania, this is great news for families!

CHIP provides quality, comprehensive health insurance for routine doctor visits, prescriptions, dental needs, eye care, eyeglasses, mental health, and much more. CHIP covers uninsured children who are not eligible for Medical Assistance. For most families, CHIP is free – for others, it is low-cost.

Use the link below to access additional details and resources on the CHIP website.

Collegium's Main Number


Extensions For Our Buildings' Main Offices

  • 150 Building: Ext. 6811
  • 435 Building: Ext. 6002
  • 468 Building: Ext. 6401
  • 486 Building: Ext. 6501
  • 500 Building: Ext. 6106
  • 515 Building (HS): Ext. 6300
  • 535 Building (MS): Ext. 6602

Collegium reserves the right to edit submissions and deny material for submission if it is deemed to be inappropriate or of little or no interest to CCS families.

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