Improving expired Impossible instant Films

I recently bought a secondhand Polaroid SX-70 Polasonic type 2 camera which takes the Impossible SX-70 films. Because I work for Transcontinenta , the Benelux Importer of Impossible Project, I was able to try it out with some expired films

Expired film edited in Snapseed on iPhone

I noticed that the older the film the more washed out the colors and the more overexposed it looks.

Left regular exposure and right with 1/3 minus correction on camera.

You have to "waist" two pictures of your film pack to see the best minus correction for your aged film.

Left correct and right slight minus correction
Minus correction and adjusts in Snapseed
Use of a "frog tongue" dark slide and dark case

The Impossible film is the most sensitive to light during the first 10 seconds. The use of a frog tongue helps to improve the contrast and diminish overexposed prints. Use the dark slide to get the picture and put it somewhere dark for 40 minutes. Only the new films from June 2016 onwards need only 20 minutes and give already a "preview" image after 2 minutes.

Editing prints

I also noticed that there is a great flexibility in the Impossible SX-70 final print when taken a picture of with my iPhone 6+. I shoot with HDR on and edit then in Snapseed.

From original to color to black and white
Great black and white conversions

Corrections to be made in Snapseed

  • Start with rotating the image when needed
  • Correct perspective
  • Use HDR simulation. IMHO "people" works best with a slight brightness correction
  • Then use adjust to put in a bit more contrast
  • Use selective to brighten and darken the important parts in the image
  • Use selective to brighten the white picture frame and set saturation to -100%
  • Finally use detail +10 to sharpen the final image
  • Save as a copy

Snapseed Noir 4 sepia

HDR + contrast and selective

Noir 4

HDR plus saturation and contrast

Black and white after use Drama

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Rob Van Keulen


Rob van Keulen, RvKPhotography.

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