Mars mission plan we might go to mars


On 2020 we are going to Mars and we will go to Russia to launch. The mission goal is to complete the launch and travel safely to Mars. It will take 2 years to get to Mars and come back. We have sent rockets to Mars that have supplies. These supplies include; food, water, tools, oxygen, and shelter habitats.

Crew Selection

The crew is made up of Bob Anderson the pilot , Beyonce Martinez she's the copilot, Rico Sauve is the Engineer/Geologist, and Cheryl Gonzalez Medic/ Biologist. These astronauts have many qualities that include; Intelligence, Adaptability, Physical Condition, Mental Endurance, and Education. They are also trained in the following. Launch and landing, On-Orbit operations and Science Experiments. They all will need to work well together an get along to be successful.

Space Travel

Our spacecraft is made up of Crew vehicle, Habitat module and Mars descent vehicle. Crew vehicle would carry astronauts into Earth orbit, where they'd rendezvous with a habitat module. Habitat module would be attached to the crew vehicle on orbit. The two vehicle would make the long voyage to Mars together. Mars descent vehicle would be sent ahead to Martian orbit, where it would ferry arriving crew to the surface and back. The space craft will be made of material that keep crew members safe from space debris and harmful radiation. To prevent the crew from bone and muscle decay by providing exercise equipment. Protect them from harmful radiation by giving them special clothing that they can wear. We will need to bring with us. Seeds gardens

Living on Mars

The crew will live in under ground pressurized climate controlled shelters in lava tubes this will protect from cosmic and solar radiation. The shelter will contain Kitchen, bathroom, Living room, and personal living quarters.. We will need to find ways to grow food and extract water from the surface of Mars. They will do experiments to learn more about Mars such as, exploring resource, test soil, test rocks, test water and utilize the water.


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