Daycare Worker

Daily tasks:Develop and create a program for young children,supervise children in the daycare, and maintain program administration
Work schedule: The schedule of a daycare worker is pretty flexible but it really just depends on where you work.
Salary: $20,320 you also get about $9.77 an hour
Work environment:childcare workers care for children in childcare centers, their own home, or the homes of the children your care
Issues that may arise: A parent or child might not like you, and there is a possibility that DHS might get called on your daycare
Benefits: it really just depends on where you work, but some daycare's have paid leave
How do they help with children and/or families: they take care of children while the parent goes to work or needs to do something
Education requirements and/or skills needed: some may require a certification, need good communication skills, be patient, and be able to multitask and take care of multiple children at the same time


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