HOW BODY CAMERAS AFFECT PEOPLES LIVES Body cameras are changing the way people act towards police officers and showing some benefits and disadvantages of them.


  • Suspect- People who are thought to be guilty
  • Bystander- witness to the accident
  • Microscope- optical instrument used for viewing very small objects.
  • Murder-Unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another.
  • Relationship- The feeling between two people
  • Dependent-

How can police body cams help solve cases against police officers?

Police body cameras have helped solve allegations made towards police officers by showing exactly what happened during the arrest or shootings and, body cameras have a big impact on the community. According to the article, “Public and Police Agree: Body Cameras For Cops Are a Good Thing,” There is an 89% drop in complaints officers get because of body cameras, (kalin). Police body cams are helping solve cases towards police officers. People that watch body cam footage of a hard takedown or a deadly shooting would think the suspect did nothing wrong when in fact the body cam shows the reasoning to the officers reactions. In the video from western Journalism Randy DeSoto, it shows the police officer making the right calls, and showed the suspect trying to punch the police officer which was not shown on the bystander’s video. This call could have gotten him fired if it had not been for the body camera. Police officers have many way to protect themselves and as well as training, but police officers getting more and more afraid to do their jobs everyday.

How do police body cams fit in with racial confrontation?

A lot of incidents occur because different races think cops pull them over because of the color, or cops shoot because of the color, so police body cams will be an extra witness to prove who is right . According to an editorial from St. Louis post-dispatch, 93% of police officers are more scared for their safety in confrontations with black people. Although this is wrong it is true. Police officers are scared to do anything because the media has them under a microscope and it affects keeping the public safe. Josh Bandit, from Chicago Police department states, “ police officers have never fired their gun outside of training and are scared to because of the rath from the community and the media ruining the lives of good innocent police officers”(Husband). This shows that police officers being scared is affecting cops from doing their job properly.

How do body cameras affect police officers getting convicted of murder?

Police officers feel that they are in danger, and the first instinct is to pull a gun for protection,the decision to pull that gun gets multiple officers convicted of murder. This has lead to police officers second guessing shooting someone when their life is in danger. In 2005, 13 police officers have been convicted of murder (source 6). Although that may not be a lot it is because as the years go on more and more police officers put their life in danger. John Faulty, an officer states, “Officers risk their lives every day, but when they have the weight of being charged for murder on their shoulder, they do second guess their duty”(DeSoto). Officers are a big part of our nation and having to worry about murder is the last thing we need as a nation.

What are benefits of police body cams?

One benefit is it will help with the relationship between police officers and the community. Almost 90 percent of respondents said they thought the camera use would improve police officer behavior, and 70 percent said the camera would also work to improve citizen behavior toward police(source 4). This shows people would trust police officers and also change behavior towards police officers would be better. Body cameras would also change how they interact with the public. According to, “Do body cameras change how police interact with the public”, “Officers who did not wear body cameras conducted more “stop-and-frisks” and made more arrests than officers who wore the video cameras,” (kelsh 4). Having body cams is guaranteed proof that either the suspect or the officer is correct and no one will second guess recorded proof.

How will the future of body cameras affect people’s lives?

Body cameras are the future of this world and people in the body camera business feel everyone will be wearing body cameras not just police officers. In the article, “In the future, will everyone be wearing cameras” obama states, “ Wearable cameras are technology that can enhance trust between the community and police.”(Contrera). This shows that body cameras are a way that the community can trust police officers again. Although these body cameras are great, they are very expensive. Obama gave 75 million dollars to help buy 50,000 body cameras.(contrera). The 75 million is only to help buy them for police departments just imagine what the cost would be to buy them for communities. It would be a fortune that the government doesn’t have.


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