My name is Maddie Siegel and it will be my 17th summer at Tyler Hill.

What are your 1st memories of getting off the bus your very 1st summer?

I've never taken the bus to camp before so I've never been able to have that exciting, slightly overwhelming rush of stepping off of the bus for the first time.

What do you think is the prettiest place in camp to step back and appreciate the beauty of Tyler Hill?

Of course, every place at camp is magical and makes me realize how lucky I am, but standing on the top of the boating hill is definitely the place at camp that fully takes my breath away.

What are 2 or 3 things you've learned about yourself over the course of your time at THC?

A few things camp has taught me is that one, the love and energy we feel every day is infectious and can be found nowhere else. Two, that time is limited, and to be able to spend two full months in my favorite place with my favorite people is truly special. And finally it has taught me independence and appreciation for everything and everyone around me.

Has there been a counselor at THC that has really made an impact on you? Who and why?

Over the years I can easily say there have been great counselors and not so great counselors. One person who has made the biggest impact on me was Erin Goldberg, who has been with my bunk since our junior summer (5 years ago), because of the unconditional love and support she shares with everyone around her.

What's your single greatest memory at THC?

My single greatest memory at camp would have to be on the last day of camp super summer, my entire bunk decided to go out into the middle of the golf course, and just talk for hours with no interruptions.

What one piece of advice do you want to share with younger campers?

Although they probably hear this a lot, my one piece of advice for younger campers, would be not only to not take time for granted but also to take a step back, from a disagreement with a friend, or even just dreading walking all the way to the softball fields on the hottest day of the summer, and remember how lucky you are to call Tyler Hill your second home, and that it really doesn't last forever because soon enough you will be me, writing this looking back on your summers wishing you could turn back the clocks and be a Freshman again.

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