French Fries by: siena Anaya , Ulissa hureta

If you'd like to know the science behind French fries keep reading.

So first we would like to tell you why we chose French Fries as our passion which is because 1, we love them and they are delicious and 2, Mrs. Peretto interested us in French Fries by telling us some interesting facts.

Did you know that French Fries contain the same chemical that is found in paint.

When you eat French fries, you are also getting some potassium, a nutrient present in potatoes. The energy you require throughout the day can be obtained from potassium. You may become more tired, have slower reflexes, and have weaker muscles without adequate potassium.

The science behind french fries is biology because , a potato is a living thing and the french fries are made out of potato's . So The study of biology is living things , and the potato is living .

Created By
Siena Anaya


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