WW2 By Will

These are the dictators and an overview of WW2.

Adolf Hitler dictator of Germany.

Germany was treated very harshly after WW1 so when hitler said he would bring the county back to how it used to be. And since everyone was so desperate they believed him.

Benito Mussolini dictator of Italy.

He formed the fascist party in Italy. He said that only he could make peace again. He invaded Ethiopia they were no match for Italy because of tanks and planes.

Francisco Franco dictator of Spain

Franco was in the military and by 1930 he was first in command, at 33 he was the youngest ever in Europe to get that rank. The county closed Franco's military academy. Mussolini helped Franco get to be dictator.

Joseph Stalin dictator of the Soviet Union

He rose to power as the general secretary of the communist party. He became dictator after Vladimir Lenin's death.

Hideki Tojo dictator of prime minister of Japan

He decided to lead his county into the war. He was convicted of war crimes.


The U.S. wanted to stay out of the war. When Pearl Harbor happend it brought us into the war.


Germany surrenders shortly after Hitler killed himself. Japan surrenders after we dropped two atomic bombs.

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