Lorenzo de Medici By Anushka talwar

Lorenzo de Medici

Lorenzo de Medici was born on January 1, 1449 in Florence, Italy and passed away on April 9, 1492, in Villa Medici at Careggi, Florence, Italy. Lorenzo de Medici was known for multiple things which also made him the most famous out of the Medici family. He was a successful Italian salesman,a poet, philosopher, artist, author, politician and the ruler of Florence with his brother but after his assassination the solo ruler. In 1737 was the end of the family dynasty after almost three centuries of ruling over Florence. After Gian Gastone or also known as the last Medici ruler died without a male heir it was the end of the family dynasty.

Lorenzo de Medici's Family

In the beginning of 1434, Lorenzo de Medici's grandfather Cosimo de Medici rose to power. This led to the three centuries of ruling over Florence, Italy. Over time Cosimo de Medici married his love Contessina de Bardi and had his three kids Piero di Cosimo de Medici, Carlo de Medici, and Giovanni di Cosimo de Medici. Lorenzo de Medici's Parents Piero de Medici and Lucrezia Tornabuoni continued ruling Florence as they had their four kids Lorenzo de Medici's, Giuliano de Medici, Bianca de Medici and Nannina de Medici. Eventually Lorenzo was ready to continue his family's dynasty and began to rule over Florence as he was married to Clarice Orsini. Soon after they had their six kids Pope Leo X, Piero the Unfortunate, Giuliano de Medici, Maddalena de Medici, Lucrezia de Medici, and Contessina de M├ędici.

Lorenzo de Medici surrounded by Artists

Lorenzo de Medici was born, and lived in Florence until eventually he ruled over it from 1478 to 1492. Piero died on Dec. 5, 1469, and 2 days later the 20-year-old Lorenzo was asked to take over after his father and to begin ruling over Florence, Italy. Soon after he preserved the independence of Florence when Italy was in a political and economic rivalry. Lorenzo the Magnificent was a distinguished poet who was also passionately interested in Classical antiquity.

Lorenzo de Medici was a significant person in the Renaissance because of his various professions. For instance Lorenzo was a ruler, poet, artist, philosopher, salesman, politician, and was wealthy. One significant event that ties the renaissance to Lorenzo is that the last decade of his life coincided with the period of Florence's greatest artistic contributions to the Renaissance. The definition of a Renaissance man is a person who is well educated, sophisticated and who has talent and knowledge in many different fields of study. These words are actually perfect to describe Lorenzo de Medici because he was well educated, sophisticated, and had passion for many different things. For example Art, Literature and Philosophy.

Lorenzo de Medici the Artist

Lorenzo de Medici was a great contributor to the renaissance, and had great passion for several things. This led him to be highly known but not only for him being a member of the Medici family but for his sophistication and knowledge.

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