Tracks & Special Programs Your ticket to enhanced learning, personal growth, and CV-building opportunities

TRACKS - Specialized programs available by application only.

Global Medicine Track

available on both campuses

This track is for students who wish to become a global doctor or a globally-minded doctor. Focused on global and public health, cultural competency, and hands-on skills training, this track might be for you!

Academic Medicine & Leadership Track

Currently in Utah, hopefully will join together with a Colorado cohort for the first time this year.

A signature track created, improved, and enhanced by founding Utah Dean, Dr. David Park. This track is designed to shape student doctors into medical leaders even before graduating.

Digital Health Track

This newest track runs both campuses as one cohort.

Innovative thinkers, doers, and entrepreneurs will find mentorship, guidance, and inspiration as part of this track.

Urban Underserved Track

Colorado only

Colorado students with a heart for the underserved will find an outlet and a home to learn, grow, lead, and serve.

Long Term Care Track

Utah only

Utah students have the opportunity to work directly with patients at the Veteran's Center across from campus, for the duration of the track, learning each day more about longitudinal care as well as developing real world relationships with patients and families.

Rural & Wilderness Medicine Track

Available on both campuses

Excellent rural physicians are gems in their communities. Students who aspire to be that person for a rural community will find a robust, dynamic hands-on education as part of this track.

Physician Scientist Track

Available on both campuses

Students with a background or strong interest in medical research will reap the benefits of basic training in the knowledge and skills necessary for success as an academic physician.

Students must have and maintain an 80% or better GPA.

ELECTIVES - Open to all students

Medical Humanities

Graphic Novels in Medicine

With four sections of this elective, students in all RVU programs can repeat this course and have a different experience each time.

Medicine in Film

A newer elective, this course changes up its offerings each time make it fresh and new.

History of Medicine

Similar to the above, this popular elective switches up the topic each semester it is offered, allowing for repeat participation. Watch for elective listings toward the beginning of each semester for details.

Religion, Health, and Healthcare

This new elective is designed to equip student physicians with the background and knowledge necessary to care for culturally diverse patients and other providers alike.

Practical Medicine

Medical Spanish

Immersive and clinically relevant, this course takes Spanish to a new level. Designed for students with at least a rudimentary understanding of the language, this course works with all levels and is highly interactive.

Fundamentals of East Asian Medicine

An exciting foray into the concepts of East Asian Medicine, including acupuncture, this course will stretch the mind and challenge the student physician to consider health from a different perspective.

Immunizations I

Approved and slated to be offered in the Spring semester, 2022.

Global Medical Outreach Opportunities

Global Medical Outreach

RVU-Sponsored Trips

RVU plans spring break trips for M1/2 students - get hands on experience in another country and remember why you wanted to become a physician! M3/4 students may also participate in these trips, as space is available. Spring Break 2022, trips are being planned for Ecuador and Dominican Republic.

Trips with other organizations

M3/4 students can take trips with other organizations as a clinical elective.

International Clinical Externships

More than 40% of every class at RVU participate in medical outreach as part of their clinical electives

this is RVU graduate, Dr. Clarke Snodgrass, as a clinical student serving in Somalia in 2019.

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