Pristine Glory A Devotional that Pierces the Heart

Every so often a wish is granted, a dream comes to life, and a fire is set to burn deep in our souls. Sometimes it catches our eye, leaving a mark on our hearts. God's glory is everywhere, but not everyone can find it.

Here God shows us his presence in the depths of canyons, delicate petals of a flower, and the vast and marvelous sky.

God can show himself through His nature, miracles, or even through the passing of the wind. But His presence is more than just a glorious sight. He shows us that even the vast sky can't even hold His love for us. And He holds us in His care like He holds the delicate petals of a flower in place.

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"When you pass through the waters I will be with you" - Isaiah 43:2

Throughout our life the Lord places circumstances in our life to help us grow in His rich mercy and love. For we can call on the Lord during times of trouble because he is our ever present help in the trial and storm we are going through.

Micah 1:4 The mountains melt beneath him and the valleys split apart, like wax before the fire, like water rushing down a slope.

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Created By
Chelsea Daniels


all photos taken by Chelsea Daniels

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