Pyramids of Giza They didn't just appear there...

Welcome to Ancient Egypt!


Through this web quest you will get to go back in time to Ancient Egypt discover how the Pyramids of Giza were made!

Grade Level:

9th - 10th


Art History


Generally, most people relate the Pyramids of Giza to Egypt. The Pyramids are even one of the seven wonders of the world! One of the reasons they are a wonder of the world, is that people are still wondering how they were actually created. There are four theories that are still being researched today; Staircase Scaffolding Theory, External Ramp Theory, Internal Ramp Theory, Casting Theory, Water Shaft Theory.


For the next two weeks you and a partner will be researching each theory used to construct the Pyramids of Giza. After you understand each theory and the possibility of it, groups will determine which theory they want to represent. The first week will be dedicated to properly understanding each theory and if it could be possible. By the end of the week students should determine which theory they will be supporting. The second week will be for groups to create an argument and defense for why they feel their theory is best. Each group will present in class once they are complete.

These images show different ways that the theories apply to the Pyramids.


Step 1

Once you have your partner, begin by watching this video to get an idea of what the pyramids really are.

Step 2

Do research together about each theory; Staircase Scaffolding Theory, External Ramp Theory, Internal Ramp Theory, Casting Theory, Water Shaft Theory. If you find another theory during your research that you want to look into, go ahead!

You must create a Google Doc to share with you and your partner, documenting the pros and cons of each theory.

Throughout this process be sure to save images, videos, and sources for you to use when you research your chosen theory.

Step 3

Choose the theory that you feel makes the most sense!

Each group is responsible for creating a Slideshow through Google Drive. You will use this slide show to help you present your case of why you feel the theory you chose is accurate. Please include images as well as reasons why this wouldn't work.

Step 4

Groups will present their chosen their in class. You will use your Slide Show as a visual, but you may also make diagrams or use props to better convey how your theory is probable. The goal of this project is to convince as many of your classmates as possible that your theory is the most probable.

Step 5

All of your research should be shared to me through Google Docs to my email. This is so that I am able to review the process of your work.


Once you have heard every group's case of why they feel their theory is most accurate you will write a response in our class blog. Each individual student is responsible for their own blog post. In this blog you will need to include a paragraph for each of the following:

- What your initial theory was and your reasoning behind it.

- Which theory you now believe is the most valid, if it did not change, explain why.



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