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This is my Argunment Video for how my State is the best and amazing.

This is my video that I made about Michigan and its state bird, flower, motto, and flag.

This is my car and I have it here because Detroit, a very large city in Michigan is known for cars so I decided to draw a car and add Michigan in it.

This is Downtown Lansing MI. Lansing has a population of 113,972 people. I picked to add this in my slide because it is Michigan's capital city and I felt like that was very important and needed to be added to the glide show.

This is Woodward & Cadillac Square, Detroit MI. The population of Detroit is 688,701 people! That's a lot of people! Detroit is also about 143 miles. I picked Detroit because it is a very big city in Michigan and as you can see by the numbers is home to very many people.

This is 1 Division Ave N, Grand Rapids, MI. GR has 192,294 people in its population. In miles Grand Rapids is about 45 miles. There are very big buildings which is where many people go for work. Also these buildings light the sky and I thought this would be a good place for that reason.

This is E Huron St, Ann Arbor, MI. Ann Arbor has a population of 117,025 people. It is also about 29 miles. As you can see there are many trees around. Well trees in the corner. Also Ann Arbor has some very big buildings so I thought I could show you the big buildings.

This is Dearborn MI. You might be wondering why it have this but it is because the HENRY FORD MUSEUM!!! Yay! The Henry Ford museum holds the real Abraham Lincoln chair. Also it was built in 1929 and is still looking great in 2017.

That is the end of my GlideShow and my page. Thanks for reading!

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