Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry Poem(Taylor) Artistic response to Roll of thunder hear my cry


¨Roll of thunder hear my cry, over the water bye and bye, Ole man comin´ down the line, whip in hand to beat me down, but I aint gonna let him turn me ´round.¨ 242


My piece of art relates to the book through the title and creepy, ominous feel. When Mr. Morrison sings the song I could tell that bad things were coming. The fire below is the resembling the fire that Papa lite in order to distract the white people form hurting T.J.. The book was good, a little slow at times, but over all a very good book.

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Created with images by mlcombs - "cotton field agriculture" • ronjohns2 - "clouds mammatus mammatus cloud" • kummod - "fire wood fire flame"

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