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20 years ago , I became a photographer with an Art Monochromatic style that combine Art and Drama also reveal a vision which I have about my philosophy of that world., my work is dedicated to apprehension and have a sensibility of other people , I Wish that I could use the camera as a painter's tools, as a brush , to tell you all my Stories.but as an Artist I have my struggle and the challenge to create exciting unique images , my own style ,now I do only experimenting with my visual artistic Eye..

Hello !! my Friend !! is it me, that you are looking for?

If your heart stumbles into photography ,set your thoughts free / Tony Badwy

There is a Time you would see it before it happen, from far away ,,only you, you could observe it in your vision , yes it would happen as you thought , I PREDICT it. so if you are ready you would catch- it capture it ,let your sitting always ready for SITUATION. Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. That is what the man was thinking ?
Street Photography,,, It's never too late to say 'I do.... if the question was do you love me Mary as I do....?!!!! answer is ... contre Jour.©Tony Badwy
or you may see The Situation ! a state of Light which you have to learn how to deal with after 35 years EXPERIENCES of shooting ,I have to sit down and EXPERIMENT .
Why someone like me go to Paris ? of course to make pictures such like this Image .... the shadow of love ...©Tony Badwy

Won Featured August, 2017

Won Staff Favorite June, 2017

let alone cynically embracing Hypocrisy of POLITICS
A portrait of A good Friend .by ©Tony Badwy
you are the pilot keep it up . The Bird symbolise me !! Simply ..Born to fly in an uncomplicated way ........ Is the bird thinking ?...... about humans in the CAROUSEL beyond ! ... are they trying to fly ???!!! Tony badwy
Forgetting is a process ,, that photo is a state FROM A STILL TO A LIVE - KUNSTHAUS ZÜRICH ( Museum) ©Tony Badwy
PARIS 2015 Paris est mon amour . Street photography is about connection ,communication between everything -even between pictures and a live person .©Tony Badwy
FINE ART، La beauté est MOI ،BEAUTY IS ME !! 아름다움은 나를 美是我 美容は私
The light cross the darkness. photo by ©Tony Badwy
parallel world ! -------------- yesterday ; I had to read a book about Saul leiter Early Black and white Exterior that was in Art Collage Library in Basel .. while I had a cafe Break I went down the street , I saw that scene which I didn't believe, it was in the next pavement in front of the university , that it was real so I capture it ..so I am not living alone in that parallel world ! ©Tony Badwy
Street Photography philosophy . Framing The Reflection of the Reflection questioning of illusion and Existence . think why the photographer doesen't appear ? not BECAUSE he never apear in the Mirror of the camera .No ..... ©Tony badwy Basel / Switzerland Artistic
Come or Go ! this is the question of whole life ! .philosophy ©Tony Badwy
Social Aspect . I don't remember, I don't recall، I got no memory of anything -anything at all !!! may be it is a bounty or for others it is a sickness ?..an attribute to Alzheimer ©Tony Badwy
Philosophy ; life sometimes feels like a feather in the air !!! ©Tony Badwy
Upside down twinned worlds , How do you dare to judge on the look? that is the theory of evidence and proof. BY © TONY BADWY
Philosophy "The Shadow Effect" we were lost because we haven't learn nothing from the past . we keep making the same mistakes again and again. could you get a rid of your shadow ?! "The Shadow Effect" and their shadows and how you can beat yours, Double Exposure #Magnumphotography #LensCulture ©Tony Badwy
Shy Angel by ©Tony Badwy
Life= still& Movement , Life = loudness and Calm ,Life =Live&Death, Life = Art ...©Tony badwy
Visitors , like feelings let them come and go............ . . ©Tony Badwy
A dog is not a toy ! I am HUNGRY I wanna go home ! by ©Tony Badwy
Life is a Brighter Light , it would apears without asking you ! be thankful there is always an OPPORTUNITY . ................................©Tony Badwy
Above or Below , C’est la vie
The parallel world // Double exposure ©Tony Badwy
The parallel world.. they are really living among us Ghostly.. the possible unknown.
many are going no where faster , I aaaam Commmming !
Parallel world , Come and go ; Double Exposures by ©Tony Badwy
portrait of a good friend
Dark opposed to light in Minimalism
Created By
Tony Badwy


©Tony Badwy 

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