A Better Balanced Bookcase BY COLUMBINE STYLE

This bookcase was lost on a wall in a client's home. What started as a mish-mash of unrelated items, soon became a stylish focal point that drew family and guests into the room with balance and comfort.

The Before

  • It's clear that this piece of furniture is acting more like a "store all" than a bookcase. Unrelated items are gathered without purpose or plan. Styling 101: Your bookcase should have books!
  • It's lacking a balanced color palette.
  • The bookcase feels ungrounded as if it were floating in the space.
  • There is no inviting area to sit and get lost in your favorite book.

The After

  • Books were gathered and grouped by color and size. Blacks, whites, browns and grays are all neutrals and can be blended with other colors.
  • Lighting is always key. We switched out cool overheads for warm light when possible. We inserted a small lamp to create a focal point and blur the vertical and horizontal lines.
  • Establishing balance is an easy way to create a stylish layout. In the top left and right cubes, we matched simple greenery with both ceramics and books in white. The center cube is filled with a white lamp and a pewter frame.
  • We added a chevron patterned rug which grounds the furniture piece and allows for a more comfortable place to rest and read.
  • An earthy, woven basket filled with various sizes of pillows adds both functionality and texture to the scene.
  • Atop the bookcase, gold and glass vases were placed alongside a stack of black and brown books and a vintage wood panel. A small light was added to illuminate the intricate structure of woodwork.
  • Family photos in frames were added throughout the piece. We reproduced all the photos in black and white and paired them with pewter frames, adding to the cohesion and sophistication.

Columbine Style offers a $150, 2 hour in-home consultation which will result in easily executed ideas, a new way of looking at your well-loved stuff and some suggestions to bring your home up to date.

Balance color, size and shapes.
Add items that compliment the bookcase and not overpower its design.

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