Fossil Hunting at Fort Vic Adventures on the north coast

Taking a walk to the west of Fort Victoria on the Isle of Wight may lead you to what seems an unremarkable beach, however, upon the sand lie traces of the prehistory that allow us to step back in time and retell the land of our current footsteps.

We arrived on the beach to find a very chilly August morning thankful we had brought our coats, although it threatened rain we were fortunate only having a gusting wind to battle. There is something about stormy weather that engages the soul, reawakens your respect for the natural world and generally makes you feel alive.

Bones In Stones

As mentioned this beach allows you to step back in time around 35 million years through fossils dating to the boundary of the Oligocene and Eocene. At this time in prehistory, the area was a warm lagoon environment which was home to many different animals and species the traces of which we can still find today. Looking for fossils here is a very tranquil activity (minus the gusting winds), just the act of looking combined with the occasional sifting of small shingle is enough to find you a winning piece of treasure.

Tiny Turtle

After only a few minutes of hunting both Alex and myself had both found a Croc tooth (one of the more exciting finds here at Fort Vic). Throughout our walk, we continued to collect many pieces of interesting bone from a variety of animals such as fish, croc, and lots of turtle shell. Today we even went as far as to find a tiny vertebrae from an ancient reptile.

After hunting and a lunch we headed over to freshwater where I was able to get some shots of the water swelling through the bay, it was really fun to battle the winds and gain a high vantage point to shoot the elements from. I love being part of the landscape and capturing its fleeting moments as it happens, a wave will never break the same twice.

Freshwater Bay Isle Of Wight
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Trudie Wilson

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