Michael Aldrich Ten summoner's tale by sting

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Basic Profile:

  • D.OB: 22nd August 1941 ( Brocket Hall, Hatfield, United Kingdom)
  • Death: 19th May 2014
  • Occupation: inventor, innovator & entrepreneur
  • Education: Holy Cross Convent School (Islington, London, United Kingdom (1945-1952)) & Clapingham College (Grammar school) & Hull University (1959)
  • Published booked: 'Cable System' (co-authored -March 1982) & 'Making A Business Of Information' (1983) & 'Learning to Live with I.T' (1986) & a seminal book on the information Superhighway, "Videotex- Key To The Wired City"
  • Profiles and featured articles appeared on: The Times & The Guardian & The Financial Times & The Sunday Times & The Independent on Sunday & other computer publications
  • Appeared on: Radios and TV in the United Kingdom, throughout Europe and throughout the United States of America


  1. Institute Of Information Scientists - Past President (1984-1985)
  2. British Computer Society - fellow (1984)
  3. Institute Of Management - companion (1986)
  4. Videotex Industry Association - Deputy Chairman (1985-1986)
  5. Video Industry Association - Chairman (1986-1988)
  6. British Computer Society - Chartered Fellow (May, 2004)
  7. Confederation of Library and Information Professionals - Honorary Fellow
  8. Cabinet Office Information Technology Advisory Panel - member (1981-1986)
  9. Confederation Of British Industry on Information Technology - adviser (January 1982- December 1983)
  10. The Tavistock Association - member
  11. The Tavistock Institute Council (1989-1999)
  12. Governing Body of University Of Brighton - member (1982-1999)
  13. Governing Body of University Of Brighton - Deputy Chairman
  14. Governing Body of University Of Brighton - Chairman
  15. University Of Brighton - Founding Chairman (1988-1998)
  16. Redifon Computers - CEO (January 1980- January 2000)
  17. Rediffusion companies - concurrently CEO (1980-1984)
  18. Rediffusion's Old Computer Company - Chairman & CEO (1986- retirement January 2000) ~ non-exclusive Chairman
  19. etc.


  • E-commerce
  • E-business
  • Online shopping


E-commerce is the transaction of purchasing or selling goods and services, or transmitting funds or data through an electronic network, primarily, the internet.

  • business-to-business
  • business-to-consumer
  • consumer-to-consumer
  • consumer-to-business

The two terms e-commerce and e-business are often used interchangeably.

  • began as domestic television connected by telephone line to a real-time transaction processing computer in 1979
  • 1977 - TV selling technique in the USA called infomercials,┬áTV programs would urge viewers to purchase goods over a phone call
  • Transaction via television or PC became "Online Shopping"
  • USA TV became infomercials
  • Aldrich thought about hooking up the television with the supermarket, getting them to deliver the groceries
  • Used a domestic computer that could handle transaction processing from multiple users and communicate with other computers
  • Could be used by anyone without training
  • Ability to dial into any computer via a domestic telephone and standard communications, not restricting to just talking to one computer for one function
  • open market for independent teleshopping capabilities
  • no market, no demand, no infrastructure
  • product launch: early April 1980
  • second launch: July 1980

Before E-commerce

  • await catalouges arrivals to see latest goods and services
  • companies had to operate their businesses in a retail store where customers would receive one-on-one service with a sales associate
  • purchases made directly in: cash, cheque, credit card or debit card

Effects of E-commerce

  • vast stretch in customer base for small business owners, allowing profit
  • an affordable online business setup
  • online collaborations, allowing emergence of smaller businesses and big online companies
  • allows business owners to sell directly to the consumers without anyone in the middle, benefiting both sides
  • online stores are open 24/7, meaning sales can happen any time in the night or day, no limiting time frame
  • online stores and sites are not dependent on the size of the company, allowing business to bloom

Ten Summoner's Tales

  • The album was the first legitimate secure online transaction
Michael Aldrich

In summary, a life without Michael Aldrich is a life without online purchases.


1. What were Aldrich's three main occupations?

2. Which two terms are often interchangeably used?

3. What were the two names for teleshopping that was used to differentiate between USA TV and Aldrich's teleshopping?

4. How were payments made in retail stores before e-commerce?

5. List 2 effects of e-commerce on the way business works

6. Why was Ten Summoner's Tales associated in this presentation?

Thank You.

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