My Family story by letravien moore

According to the name Moore originated mostly from Ireland and England. It is most common in the Yorkshire area when around 11% of the population was a Moore. This websites states that there were around 4,000- 9,000 Moore families that lived in this area. In addition to being most common in England and Ireland, it was also found in Great Britain, Scotland, and Germany.

According to the last name Moore means proud, great or stately. The name Moore was borne by early christian saints. While it was introduced by the Normans to England It did not become very popular there. It was a topographic name for those who lived in such a place like Cheshire. It was mostly popular with the Normans and did not catch on anywhere else other than Ireland.

There were no real meanings for my name in any websites I looked in. I have a very creative and distinct first name that is not common at all. It is a name that my mother thought of herself. She wanted it to be special because she thought I was going to be special. She wanted me to be distinguished from everyone I would encounter because she thought I would do great things, thus I needed a great name, Le'Travien.

The information I was able to find was extremely enlightening to me. I honestly did not know very much about my history until now. I learned things about my last name that I thought was very interesting while there was nothing to learn of my first. Even though there was no information on my first name I still managed to learn a lot. This was a great experience for me because this contributes to my identity a great deal. It is a part of who I am and is something I can not change. I am proud of where my ancestors and I come from every single day because I know I would't be me without these key aspects.

My family story is about my great granddad he was like are hero of the family. I asked a lot of my family members on who i should write about and they all said him. So I asked my uncle about my great granddad. He told me that how at one time my great granddad was a share cropper that was born in to it . He went to school so he could read and write. Then he went into world war two,That's why a lot of my family member are in the army or navy they are trying to keep his legacy alive. My great granddad also atepmt college after the war and that was the only thing he asked from all the family members to either go to college or go to war. My grand was a man of many words he is the reasons my family is so successful owning there own bussieness owners and collage gradutets. We still go by those rules to this day he has made some nollegable kids, grandkids, and greatgrandkids.


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