I Want To Be A Legend By marty Higgins

The Drama Club puts on their comedy play, 30 Reasons Not To Be In A Play, and everyone gives it their all. Each member brings each of their roles to life, and gives the audience a good laugh.

Sophomore Manny Fleetwood plays the role of Pyro, a techie specializing in pyrotechnical special effects .
Junior Nathanial Gavid and Eighth grader AJ Lopez act out their parts in the final scenes of the play, prying the audience's eyes from the main action to give them a little bit of a laugh.
Freshman Angie Ceja plays her part as a student besotted with one of her fellow cast members.
From top left--left to right: Freshmen Michael Hannon and Angie Ceja; Eighth grader AJ Lopez; Seventh grader Hannah Hammond; and Eighth grader Adin Monroe.

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