Human evolution How we came about

The causes of the gradual development of evolution are: mutation, genetic recombination, changes in the chromosome number and structure, natural selection, reproductive isolation- this is all called Neo-Darwinism.

The first species is Dryopithecus:

  • They lived in Africa, China, India and Europe.
  • They were supposedly predominantly herbivorous.

The second species is Ramapithecus:

  • They lived in Punjab, Africa and Saudi Arabia.
  • They're more advanced than dryopithecus because of their robust jaws, thickened tooth enamel, shorter canines, upright posture and use of the hands for food and self defense.

The next species is Australopithecus:

  • They were about 4 feet tall.
  • The fossil evidence was found in South Africa.
  • They walked upright and supposedly used stones and weapons to hunt small animals.

The next species is Homo Erectus:

  • Known as the missing link.
  • Found in Java and China.
  • They lived in communal existence and used fire.
  • There is evidence of greater animal hunting and so they used cooperative hunting skills.
  • They also lived in caves.

Homo sapiens neanderthals:

  • Existed the same time as our species, Homo sapiens sapiens, as a result from evolving hugely from the homo erectus.
  • Evidence of this species existed 75000 years ago and was found in Germany.
  • Their culture was the Mousterian culture.
  • They used advanced weapons such as spearheads.
  • They could hunt great animals such as elephants and rhinos.
  • Their caves were more advanced and made with a protected fire in the front of it to keep them warm in winter and give them light.

Homo sapiens sapiens:

  • In this species, which gradually grew to our appearance, the jaw was reduced, modern man's chin came about in appearance and the rounded skull came.
  • The fossils were found in Europe. We, today, are closely related to the Cro-Magnon.
  • Their culture existed about 35000 years ago. Their culture is named the Paleolithic culture.
  • They started drawing on cave walls at this time. The drawings were mostly of animals.
  • As our species grew bigger, we wiped out the Neanderthals.


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