Primary Care Network Opportunities in Burnaby Seeking qualified Family Physicians and Nurse Practitioners for Primary Care Networks in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

Primary Care Networks

Bring your clinical expertise and passion for providing quality, compassionate care to a challenging and rewarding role as a Family Physician/General Practitioner or Nurse Practitioner for a Primary Care Network (PCN) in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.

Burnaby Primary Care providers are leading the way in the development of Primary Care Networks in the province. They work collectively to solve problems, share learnings and provide full service primary care in their community. They’re making their vision for an integrated system of primary care a reality and want you to be part of it!

The Burnaby Primary Care Network is a partnership between the Ministry of Health, Fraser Health, and the Burnaby Division of Family Practice.


Incubator Clinics

These clinic centres will serve NPs and new-to-practice GPs as learning and teaching clinics for the new team-based shared care model for primary care delivery in the community.

These centres will offer an opportunity for:

  • Working hand in hand with allied health providers.
  • Supporting GP to GP networks- a practical way of preserving full scope primary care, by capitalizing on the power of the network, where GPs work together to deliver full scope family practice.
  • Streamlined referrals and care for patients through health authority resources.
  • Practicing in a collegial and supportive work and social environment where you can be part of a neighbourhood family of GPs.
  • Building your practice in a mentoring setting.

Community Clinics

This opportunity is for salaried NPs and GPs to join clinics led by physicians in Brentwood/Hastings, Edmonds and Metrotown neighbourhoods. Specific ads for each position will be posted which include clinic and job descriptions.

New Canadian Clinic

This opportunity is for a salaried NP to provide medical care to government-assisted refugees during their first year in Canada, and new immigrants in Canada under five years, whose medical needs may be complicated by language, cultural, or knowledge barriers.

The focus is on providing health management, education, and self-management support for those with multiple chronic conditions such as diabetes, and heart, lung, and renal disease.

Homeless Outreach

This opportunity is for a salaried NP to provide medical care to this vulnerable population in Burnaby.

Burnaby Community and Culture

With its pristine lakes, stunning botanical gardens, and grand parks, Burnaby pairs indoor and outdoor adventure flawlessly. Centrally located in the Lower Mainland, it is a perfect destination for exploring the great outdoors and the spirited Metro Vancouver. Housing the third largest shopping mall in Canada and the renowned Playground of the Gods, Burnaby is for outdoor enthusiasts and urbanites alike.

Burnaby grew from farms and forests to Vancouver’s suburb to a major regional centre in its own right. Today the city is a thriving residential area containing major commercial, industrial, and educational activities.

Join our Community and Participate in a Neighbourhood Network

Neighbourhood networks in Burnaby bring together physicians who share geographic commonalities, to form a network of GPs working together to improve the delivery of primary care services for their patients and the residents of their community. Three neighbourhood networks have been launched in Burnaby covering the Metrotown, Edmonds and Hastings/Brentwood areas.

Neighbourhood networks are platforms for creating connections between PMHs, and for GPs to come together to make local decisions and set priorities for their communities. Initial neighbourhood network meetings were used to lay the groundwork for physicians to establish relationships and were followed by focused discussions around GP-GP shared care opportunities and team-based care integration with Burnaby Health Services. Each neighbourhood network has also identified priority population groupings for allied health service needs and have had initial discussions of how allied health and nursing wrap around PMHs and the patients who access them.

Future opportunities in the networks include engaging the Health Authority to co-design potential service integration opportunities among allied health staff and other practices in the network.

Register online and our recruitment consultants can:

  • Guide you through registration and licensing procedures.
  • Match your skills and interests to opportunities in the regions of your choice.
  • Provide you with information about communities of interest.
  • Connect you with prospective clinics and opportunities.
  • Connect you with appropriate resources (such as transition-to-practice supports) throughout the health system.
  • Provide and connect you to the personal and professional support you will need from the initial stages of expressing interest to the arrival at your new clinical practice.

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