Personal Profile Summative Shaylin Barrett

Things I'm Proud of

One thing I am proud of is getting honor roll at school in grade 9. I am most proud of this achievement because it was hard work to achieve this. I had to focus on my school work a lot and it was hard but in the end the grades were worth it. I think i did well in school in grade 9 and that is why i am proud of getting honor roll in grade 9. Another thing I am proud of is my photography. I am proud of this because I am very passionate about photography and I think I am good at it. I am proud of many of the pictures I have taken. I am proud of these things because they are very important to me.


My top interest is information. This is my top interest because I am generally an artistic person. I like writing and painting in my spare time a lot. I enjoy reading all types of books and playing a lot of bored games. I am the type of person who likes to see how things work, i take them apart and try to figure them out and try to put them back together. Doing experiments and figuring them out on my own are good ways that I learn new things.

Personal Values

My top 2 personal values are Adventure and Family. These two values do not generally go hand in hand, but I still hope to incorporate both into my life and career. To me family is a huge part of my life and I hope to be able to spend a lot of time with my family. It is also important to travel and see the world to me. I think traveling is great learning experience and I would love a career that made that possible for me to do. Some possible occupations that fit both of these values are photographer, journalist, or flight attendant.

Work Values

My top 2 work values are Financial Reward and Personal Relationship. These values will influence my career choice because in order to enjoy my job I will have to find a job that has both of these values. I will want a career that allows e to make a lot of money and be friendly with my colleagues. An example of these values in my life is my part time job now. I work very hard at my job to make money and be a good employee but I do not particularly enjoy my job. I am also very good friends with all of my coworkers and we get along quite well. Being friends with your coworkers makes working ore enjoyable. Some jobs that fit this are Therapist, Doctor, and any other high paying job that I could also have a non work relationship with my colleagues as well.


My to two skills are communication, and sense awareness. These are my top two skills because I can easily communicate things to other people in many ways and I am a very artistic person. Some personal examples of these in my are I enjoy sketching, writing stories and poems, and photography. Some occupations that would be fitting for me based on these skills are photographer or journalist.

Work Skills

My top Work skill is Interpersonal Skills. This is my top skill because I tend to get along and work well with other people. I also am respectful to other people and work well on a team with people. An example of this is at my part time job I have to work as a team with my coworkers to get the job done right, everyone works together to make sure things get done. My weakest work skill is organization. I can improve this skill by setting goals for myself and managing my time better.

Learning Styles

I am a visual-kinesthetic learner. I learn better by seeing someone doing something or doing something myself. Some things I could do to better my learning are drawing pictures in my notes or writing out everything. Another thing I could do to improve my learning is make study notes and try to come up with different actions and motions to help remember things. I think that these tips could help better my learning skills because they these methods are specific to my learning type. This can be helpful for me in a job or at school because often times when being taught something new in a work place or at school they show you how to do a task and then you are expected to try to do it on your own.

Multiple Intelligence

My top two intelligence traits are intrapersonal and naturalist. One example of intrapersonal intelligence in my life is i dot have a ton of friends but i have a few really close friends and I also work better by myself rather than with a larger group of people in school. An example of the naturalist intelligence in my life is that I have a large rock collection and a shell collection. I also love hiking and fishing, I enjoy being outside and exploring nature. I often camp and go on trips in the forest, I love to learn about nature and the world.

Personality Types

My top two personality types are builder type and social type. One reason I am a builder type is that I love to take things apart to see how they work and understand them, like keys and locks and some electronics. Another thing is that I like to work with my hands to get a better understanding of them. One thing that makes me a social type is that I love to listen to my friends problems and try to help them the best I can. Another thing that makes me a social type is that I like to work with groups on same tasks and I like to encourage people to participate and share their ideas with others.


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