Brad Katuyama is a person who cares about his community and people. He never Stop helping investor and everyone to have a fair price for products, not ripping them off.

His company, the IEX help products arrive on time and not to be traded for a higher price to someone else. He did this out of caring instead of getting rich for himself. He also went above the call duty and decided to end this unfair prices. Not only that, he did this for the better and not for himself. He said this himself, "Changing the way the market operates is better for everyone,” From this can see that he is only doing this for everyone success not for himself. Brad Katuyama also took both financial and social risks by giving up his high paying job and getting shout at by people who disagree against him. To prove point the Giraffe Website says, "He gave up his high-paying job, pooled his savings with a colleague who had joined him, and started a new stock trading system, the IEX Exchange. IEX guarantees that all orders arrive at all the exchanges at the same time; the high-speed operators cannot get that millisecond advantage they’ve been using to make vast fortunes....Both the FBI and the Justice Department began investigating these trades. and threatened traders tossed a lot of mud at Katsuyama. The president of one exchange accused him on live television of scare-mongering in order to create publicity for IEX. Katsuyama looked at him and said, “I believe the markets are rigged, and I also think that you’re a part of the rigging.” This is important because it tell us that he took both financial and social risk to do what is right.

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