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Ryan Cox is an American musician and author who appears to be in his natural habitat if the habitat is completely unnatural. Born and raised in Alaska, he spent his years learning guitar and cello starting at the age of 7. Though guitar and singing has been his passion, he discovered his knack for writing in high school and college. Ryan has played in many groups both professionally and independently. He made his break in his progressive rock band Fluid working with producer Page Hamilton, founder of Helmet and guitarist of David Bowie. His love for art and digital media compelled him to start a small business called The Media Multi-Tool which specializes in graphic design, video production, artistic direction, audio production, ghost writing, book editing, social media maintenence and beyond.

What do you think about heavy sarcasm in advertising.? The anti-advertising ad company!
Coming Soon to Amazon and iBooks
Photo Illustration, eBook production and publishing, audio production, video, web banner, album covers, and more!
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Ryan Christopher

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