Fall Newsletter 2020 Missionary Jana Inglehart

"And I will give you shepherds according to My heart, who will feed you with knowledge and understanding." Jeremiah 3:15

Seminary Begins 4th Academic Year

Concordia the Reformer Seminary in the Dominican Republic began its fourth academic year on September 6th. The opening worship service was attended by eight residential students, four professors, missionaries, families and church members.

Seminary and Faculty photos above by Johanna Heidorn

The current enrollment for the seminary is 11 residential students, three of which are currently studying online due to travel restrictions. We pray they will be joining us in January in person. In addition, 24 online students are enrolled in the SMP (Specific Ministry Pastor) program.

All classes are currently being taught online, due to the pandemic restrictions, but we thank God for our eager students, our dedicated faculty and the opportunity for another year of preparing men to be shepherds, teachers and evangelists.

Water Rationing Continues

While I cannot speak for all missionaries in the Dominican Republic, I can speak for the people living in our triplex. Water has been a problem since we moved in back in 2017. We have a cistern that is filled from the city water system. Ideally, it would be filled continuously. Currently, the city water is rationed, so it is scheduled to be turned on twice a week to fill the cistern. With six people living in the building, that is simply not sufficient.

Thanks be to God, an extra water storage tank was recently installed on our roof. Now when water comes in from the street, it is pumped up to the extra storage tank in addition to the cistern. When our cistern runs dry, we have a back-up source of water. It does not have much pressure at all, really just a trickle. However, that trickle of water sure is nice for washing a few dishes, taking a shower, or flushing a toilet. The water truck still has to be called sometimes, if the city water does not come in, but for the most part, this has been a vast improvement. It's the little things.

The Botanical Garden is Back Open!

After being closed to the general public for the past several months, the botanical garden is finally open again. For many of us, that is a wonderfully welcome place to walk, to get some fresh air and to escape the confines of our homes for a bit.

Though the garden was closed, work inside the garden continued, so it is more beautiful than ever, and even has a few new features.

The wildlife has flourished during this time, as well. Butterflies can be seen everywhere, which is not something I have seen anywhere else. What a gift from God for our missionaries and for the Dominican people.

Masks and temperature checks are mandatory, still, to enter the garden or any other business, but it is delightful to be able to get out into the wide open and beautiful spaces.

The Flamboyant Tree directly above, is the national tree of the Dominican Republic

Reformation Time

While we celebrate the Reformation this month, I want to tell you about a few reformations (or changes) at the congregation where I attend.

In Palmar Arriba, services were customary on Wednesday evening, which included celebration of Lord’s Supper. That service was well attended. Sunday morning services were more of an in-depth Bible study time, with a very brief service. When the curfews were put in place, the Wednesday evening service was no longer a possibility. Instead, the Divine Service was moved to Sunday morning. For me this was a great change. I love Sunday morning worship, and I love having the opportunity to receive the Sacrament at that time.

That little mission church is adding new members, which is a joy. Just a couple of weeks ago we celebrated another confirmation.

Our seminarians continue to make visits, preach, and do Bible studies as part of their fieldwork. Much is done online to reach those who are unable to attend in person.

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Did you know?

  • Our Dominican seminary has begun her 4th academic year with 11 residential students and 24 online SMP students representing 12 countries.
  • The seminary’s deaconess program continues to provide training for ladies across the region. Some 140 women from 5 countries are participating in the program
  • Hurricane season is coming to a close with only one more month left to watch for storms. We thank God that with the exception of some tropical storms, we made it through this season pretty well

Please Pray

  • That God would continue to provide ways to share the Gospel during this time of pandemic.
  • That He would provide patience as we all deal with the uncertainties that lie ahead.
  • Thanking God for the health of our missionaries
  • Thanking God for all the faithful supporters who pray for and encourage missionaries.
  • For the continued work of our pastors and all who serve the Church in their vocations, that their work would bear much fruit.
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