Never Enough Time Garrett Gloff

He was an outdoors man says the fleecy deer blanket laying on top of the old, but unused archery target in his bedroom. Also an athlete coughs the musty, dusty baseball trophies resting unclean on the window sill. HE was a strong in his beliefs pronounces the Lord’s Prayer picture hanging securely on the wall for all to see.

He was neither a baker nor an artist says the disheveled, hurriedly made christmas cookies upon the plate, in front of the colorful icing and sprinkles. He was a family person boasted the pictures in the frames and the portrait above the fireplace, still waiting to be lit for the first time. A festive one too says the christmas stockings on the candy canes and the Christmas tree with half its ornaments.

He tried to squish things together to save time claims the worn out treadmill in front of the flat screen TV and left things unfinished cries the incomplete history puzzle laying disorganized across the dining table. Things lay unfinished all throughout his house complains the Thanksgiving decoration on the dining table, the Christmas tree with half its lights on, and the unfixed chair in his room.

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