Foxes are very cunning animals. They feed on lots of mammals like rabbits, mice, any mammal that is just the right size for their dainty bellies.

Most foxes live in holes in the ground, and some live in sheds in people's gardens. Foxes are usually not welcome in the neighbourhood, so if someone found out that a fox was living in their garden, they would probably kill it or shoo it away.

Foxes can seem very cute creatures, with beautiful coloured fur, white markings and black sock markings. But, never get up close to a fox because it could result in an injury.

Fennec Fox gestation period is 50-52 days. They live in the Sahara Desert or anywhere else in North Africa.

Red Fox gestation period is 49-58 days. They are present across the Northern Hemisphere from the Arctic Circle to North Africa, North America and Eurasia.

Arctic Fox gestation period is 52 days.

This is a collage of an Arctic fox, a Fennec Fox and a Red Fox.

Although there are different breeds of foxes, the most common breed is the Red Fox. If you ever happen to see a fox in your garden, it is most likely to be a Red Fox.

(Red Fox)

(Why are Fennec Foxes ears so big?)


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