~The Works~ Cady Schorr

The following images are from my first two trimesters of Advanced Photography. Each image was from an assignment and includes a small recap of the work included for the image and the ISO, F/stop, and Shutter speed. Enjoy:)

Good photography

This shoot was fun! I loved seeing all of the animals at the human society and getting ute pictures of them. I wanted to capture the feeling and the word I chose was emotion. I feel although I caught emotion in these photos because they bring the sadness out of me. Even though this is in the beginning of the year and one of our first shoots, i'm kinda proud of it. i say this because I really like how these images turned out and my photo skills are not terrible in the beginning of the trimester. However, I don't like that in the left photo, you can see that the cats ear is cut off just a little bit. This could have been fixed if I just moved the camera just a bit over. ISO: 400F/ 5.6 S/60

Self Portrait

This week we were assigned to shoot self portraits. I wasn't to found of this assignment because I do not like taking pictures of myself. I'd rather take pictures of others but I gained some experience from this shoot and learned a few things.This shoot was kinda tricky because i didn't really know where to shoot. So my sister and i went around the city of Milan to find some place to shoot. I ended up shooting in an empty field behind my house. I decided to collect some flowers and place them in front of my face because 1. I don't like photos of myself and 2. The flowers were a great fix to that problem. ISO: 100 Shutter: 1/320 F/6.3

Street Photography

This weeks photo shoot was based on street photography. Focusing on candid pictures and light. I put in an extra photo with the red flower backgrounds, it doesn't apply to the assignment but I wanted it on my blog. I enjoyed this short photo shoot because the top 2 were candid and not planned. After some time i decided to go back in and edit this photo a little more. The photo seemed to have a blue tone so I went to the white balance in photoshop and brought some levels up or down. After that, the photo seemed to look so much better than before and i'm glad that I adjusted those levels. ISO: 800 F/10 S: 1/320


This photo shoot was really fun as I got to be creative and look at things in a different way. We shot geometric which was pretty cool. We went to a few different stores to get these three shots. The lighting in the store was nice as well, I didn't have to keep adjusting my ISO as we ventured off into different rooms. I also wanted to say that I really like the mason jar shot because, the light brightens up the photos and I think it adds a nice touch to the overall photograph. I'm proud of the chicken photo but the orange pumpkin in the background really bothers me. I did some editing on it to make it seem more dull so that it wouldn't be a bright subject and draw everyones attention to it. ISO: 800 f/4.0 S:1/50


This photoshoot was a challenge because we had to come up with creative ideas for just plain headshots. Also setting up everything was hard and take down was slow. I think i'm gonna try to do a few more headshots for practice in the future. I did however like this shoot because i got to use some cool lights. LED lights are something I think would be cool to use next time because they are brighter and have more color than the darkroom lights. ISO: 1600 F/5.6. 1/125

Part 2: Extra

Bugs View

This was one of the last shoots for this trimester. This project was fun to shoot because I was trying to go for perspective and focus on the water droplet. The photo also looks different depending on how bright the screen is on which you are looking at. The less light looks better. I thought of a movie about bugs, Bugs Life I think. But anyways I think that the water droplet is in focus and very detailed. I did a few edits because the leafs were a little blown out. ISO: 200 F/7.1 S/125


For this photoshoot we had to shoot HDR. Not only was this shoot very hard but it was also very challenging. Although HDR involves great big and bright skies, my attempt did not. The weather was defiantly not in my favor this weekend as it resulted in lots of down pour and cloudy skies. I shot in 5 brackets for this photo. I did take a few 3 brackets but they didn't turn out as well. In photoshop I had to add more pinkish and blue into the skies. The shuttle speed also changed for each shot aswell.

Coffee Shoot

This week our teacher came up with a new project and our class tested it out. The Coffee shoot! This shoot was very fun although I am not the biggest fan of coffee. For this shoot, there was a prize, a 10 dollar Starbucks gift card! I thought that this shoot was pretty fun overall because I haven’t shot any food this year yet. I’m definitely going to try to do more food photos the next chance I get. This shoot wasn't too hard but it had some of its differences. ISO: 800 F/45.6 SP:1/30


This weeks shoot was the BULB shoot. In the beginning, I thought that this shoot was going to be fun. In the end I realized that it was harder than I thought. I went out on five different occasions to shoot for this assignment. After many shoots went wrong and didn't turn out, I went out one last time to get these shots. I think they turned out okay for the scene that I shot in. Overall, I think they could improve and maybe edited better than I did. ISO: 100 F/22 S: 30sec

Appearance & Looks

This past month, we have been working on a very special project for our school. These photos will soon go up near our classroom, outside in the hallway. Students, admin, and anyone who passes by will have a task to pair photos with questions. I took these photos of my friend Drew for this project. I set up the studio, in the classroom. I used a total of 5 lights for this shoot and used a black backdrop. I had four lights in-font with one light in the back. I ended up turning the lights on the right side of his face off to create a dramatic lighting scene. I did this to add more emotion into this piece. ISO: 400 f/5.6 Shutter: 1/60