The LIFE of Earth |How Earth was made| |How the Moon was made| |How life began on Earth| |What secrets is Earth hiding from us|


Planet Earth as you know it is your home, but do you really know your home as much as you think?You’d probably be thinking ,“Obviously, this is our home how would we not know about it?” Well ,do you know how the Earth was created or the moon or what Earth is hiding from us, and how all life began here ?And no it was not God, well technically it is but nevertheless as the old saying goes: “time tells the truth” and your time is now.

How the Earth was made?

Earth has a interesting history in regards to its creation., a website that studies about Earth has given us the Earth’s timeline.

A long time ago (around 4.5 Billion years ago)our solar system was a giant cloud of matter and gas floating through space, hovering around the same area as we are in today. All of a sudden a nearby star exploded and then our solar system was born.The middle of the cloud turned into the sun and the rest became the planets. Back then Earth was just a molten ball of lava and fire that kept on spitting out waves of lava and other substances that are unknown to mankind. Back then it was impossible to survive on any planet in our solar system.Because it was just too hot.

You should be thankful we weren’t alive back then or we would be dropping like flies.

How the Moon was made?

According to Jen Heldmann, a scientist at NASA, The moon was made 30-50 million years after the birth of our solar system. It was made when Earth collided with a planet about the size of mars and all the rocks and minerals that were left behind came together by the force of gravity joining together to make the moon .The moon has been a protective shield for Earth but we don’t notice it because only one side of the moon faces Earth. On the far side of the Moon known as the “Dark Side”, there are many crater markings which are proof that the moon has protected us from many meteorites and asteroids that were hurdling towards Earth in the past.

Imagine mars crashing into Earth. It would be such an amazing yet scary sight. Who knows it might be the end of us one day.

How Life began on Earth

When you think about Earth at the same time you think “How did life come around” well It’s the same old thing “Time” to tell you . Everyone knows that DNA is the building block of life.Scientists believe that we all came from one cell called RRNA which is an amino acid (this was the building block for RNA which are one of the components of DNA). this is how it works RRNA - intron = RNA. RNA + protein = DNA. if you're asking why these explanations are being blocked out, it’s because it is really complex but if you want to check it out hit the link

RRNA- amino acid

RNA-DNA without protein also an acid

DNA-Deoxyribonucleic acid


What Secrets Earth is hiding from us

According to Earth holds many mysteries. Some that will blow your mind kind’a like google but more crazier. Here are some of the mysteries that Earth has to offer.

Secret ocean! Yes, the Earth has a secret ocean Hidden 660km deep beneath the Earth's crust in the transition zone,it is hidden inside a mineral called Ringwoodite ,which attracts hydrogen and with its crystal like structure traps water.The amount of water in there is enough to fill Earth’s oceans three times over! So thank God that that water hasn't been unleashed yet, or the mountaintops would be the only land poking out.

2. Uneven Gravity. Places such as Hudson bay Canada have less Gravity than other areas on Earth, But this only happens because there is almost little to no land there and with icebergs drifting away and the polar ice caps melting it will have even less gravity than it has now.So next time you go there be sure to check it out.

3. Longer Earth days , we have longer Earth days than before. Back then in C.620 million years ago a normal Earth day was only 21.9 hours but due to the pull of the ocean tides from the Sun caused the Earth to spin slower and every year’s Earth day after that increased by 1.7 milliseconds.In Fact, one earthquake in japan actually lowered each Earth day by 0.00000000001 sec so thank the sun and the moon, for more hours of playing.

4. Pangea Ultima, if you have studied Earth’s history than you have probably heard of Pangea Ultima. Pangea Ultima or commonly referred to as Pangea is a giant mass of land that was formed when all the continents came together as one ,forming a super continent. According to research, Pangea will be formed again in 200 million years then the world will literally be called the UN-United nations. That is only if we survive.

5.Underwater mountain range. Earth has a mountain range which is 90% underwater and is the longest one in the world. The mountain range is 20x longer than the one on land with a whopping distance of 80 000 km! It is called the mid-ocean ridge system which helps control the sea level by expanding the oceanic basin post volcanic eruptions.So for all those hikers that actually hiked up the Andes mountains to set the record.Well too bad!

6. Super black hole Scientists predict that in 200 billion years from now ,our galaxy and the Andromeda Galaxy (a nearby neighbour of ours) will collide and form a super galaxy.

We may have another life and another lifetime to see that, since the solar system will not be affected by this event .

Earth is really a wonderful place and we should be thankful for what we have, but we are not satisfied no matter what. In fact we are irresponsible creatures on Earth and we will destroy everything if we don’t start taking care of it. Us humans will be the death of our own kind and everything else.Do your part by taking care of the Earth .Share this article with others so that we can live peacefully once again. If you are still unsatisfied let me tell you this .Have you watched the movie inferno? Well, they weren’t lying.

Thank you for your “Time”


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