Service Dogs for Veterans CHRISTINA G. TROMBLEY

Here's my story: I recently retired from the Air Force a few months ago, I needed something to fulfill my passion for volunteering.

I met the founder of the Labs for Liberty Organization about 2 years but never in a million years did I think I'd have the opportunity to work with them. I started off fostering pups like Hagrid, it then developed into task training and helping with the campus club pups at the university, all of which you'll see below.

There is an average of 20 veteran suicides per day according to the latest poll. That's horrific! This organization is committed to training service dogs to lessen that number!

My journey over these last few months have been amazing, I've met some wonderful veterans. Being able to pay back my fellow brothers and sisters in arms is a euphoric feeling I can't put into words. Here's to our active duty, retired, guard and reserve folks serving in our fine military & to this AWESOME organization supporting them! ! ! !

Labs for Liberty Organization trains service dogs for veterans ! ! ! !
The Liberty Outpost, located in Morgan Utah is where the veterans stay when paired with their service dog, FREE of charge !

Let's meet some of our awesome pups in the program, shall we . . . But don't let the name fool you, they all aren't Labrador Retrievers

Richie is the "first " Silver Lab that just recently joined the Labs for Liberty crew. He's currently being fostered in Washington, D.C.
This is Juno, a Bull Mastiff that is a current service dog for her Marine Corps Veteran!
Pearl was just paired with her veteran in Dec 2016, she's unique as a service dog.
These are the most recent new pups to begin their training, they are 8 weeks old, how ADORABLE are they?!?!

Check out the Labs for Liberty website

Here is one of the Campus Club pups. There is a group of "millennials" that train and foster these pups from 8 weeks old until about 12 months of age !
This beautiful boy is Hagrid, he's another awesome addition to the service dog community !
This is Gunny, he is currently servicing his veteran here in Utah.
These service dogs are already bred to hunt and here they are getting ready for bird season.
These service dogs in this grid have either paired or are in the process of being trained to be paired. There are a few exceptions, like the yellow lab on the bottom right with the treat on his nose. His name is Rebel he will be paired this summer with his new owner, a little boy that isn't a veteran but someone who desperately needs Rebel and will be a great companion for him !

Pearl in the snow, absolutely loving it !

Duke was the runt of the litter, but not anymore, he's growing up ....

Denali is getting bit too, here she is bathing in the sun :)

Jericho is a campus club pup, sporting his Christmas spirit...

This is Gunny full grown and a pup he's mentoring, aww.....

Reef is out of his mind excited

Service Dogs serving our veterans ! ! ! !


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