Digital Me Iwan van Steinvoorn

This is my first step for the Adobe course: 'Digital Me'. Testing Adobe Spark for setting up my 'learning journal'. The picture behind this text is a headshot (2015) I mostly use.

Personal branding is a message...

Homework Assignment, orientation: A short video, made with my phone, without any editing. A warming up exercise to introduce myself and to tell you what 'Personal Brand' mean to me:

Next: Headshot

Homework Assignment, class 1: Create a headshot and edit the image with Adobe Photoshop.

For the headshot I took Judith as my model. We took this shot with existing day-light and a reflector screen on the floor in this 'outdoor toilet' ;-)
This is the unedited RAW image (JPEG version, converted with LightRoom).
Final image. Postprocessing is done with Adobe LightRoom and Adobe Photoshop CC.


All photos taken by me.

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