Camera Parts Inventory


The outer casing of the camera surrounds the camera, and protects the parts inside of the camera from being damaged and holds all other parts in place. This outer case also prevents light from coming in contacts with the film before the shutter opens. when a picture is being taken the disposable camera is generally made out of plastic to keep costs down and to make the camera durable.


The body of the camera is a sealed box that does not allow any light into it, so that the film will not be exposed to any light until the user wants to take a picture. A shutter opens and the shutter also controls how long it's exposed to light.


A curved piece of glass or plastic redirects beams of light bouncing off object so they come together


When a picture is taken light is reflected off objects in the cameras field of view then it comes through and strikes an illusion.

Flash Circuit

Film is exposed for longer time, light of level needs to be increased momentarily.

Gas Discharge Tube

It's filled with xenon gas and has electrodes on each end. There's a metal trigger plate in the middle of the tube, the trigger plate is hidden by a reflective material which directs the flash of the light light forward.

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