Photoshop Portfolio Hannah Sellner

Artist Statement

My inspiration: I really like to travel so I wanted to incorporate that with the Empire building since that's a place I want to go and visit. I also really liking deep thinking so I wanted to use something that related to that.

Meaning of the piece: To me this piece means to continue to think at the highest level possible and to look at things from a larger perspective.

The images I used where related to the text I have written across the collage. I added the sun and moon because I shows that someone should have this type of thinking day and night. I bolded and changed the font of the word empire because I wanted that to be a focal point of the text and it also ties in nicely with the giant building. I wanted to use warm colors so that the sky looked a lot more realistic.

Artist Statement:

My inspiration: I wanted to make this collage around the idea of sadness. I used things that in my opinion have a negative connotation with it. I used a girl with an umbrella because that means it's a gloomy day, a dancer because my sister dances to a song that represents sadness, a plane because I don't like watching my family getting on planes and leaving, and flowers because my great grandmother use to grow many flowers.

Meaning of the piece: This piece means the things in my own life that are sad. There isn't very many elements to this because I try not to focus on the things that make me upset.

I tired to keep a cool color palette since those colors can relate to sadness. I didn't want to add lots of images and kept it very simple. I drew the stars so since I couldn't find a picture I liked with stars.


Artist Statement

Inspiration: I was inspired by the Esteē Lauder holiday packaging. I like how clean and simple it looks so I tried to use that to make my CD cover. I decided on this album because I really enjoy Drake and I felt like this idea went best with this album.

Meaning: Since Drake is my favorite artist and music is a huge part of my life I wanted it to be near perfect so I took my time. I also wanted it to reflect a little bit of myself.

I used the pink color because on his songs on the album is a single and the cover of it was this baby pink color so I wanted it to match. I used the 6 God hands because that is one of Drake's logos. The CD its self is suppose to be a modern take on a record.


Artist Statement

For this website I wanted it to be a fun feeling for it because that's the word I connect surfing with. I looked a ton of different surfing websites and they were all extremely colorful and almost hard to look at. So I decided to use blues as a base color to match the water and then use pictures with bright boards to make it more colorful. I kept it very simple so that customers could find what they were looking for very easily. I also added social media and ways to contact at the bottom of the page since that is what I had seen from lots of other websites.


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