If you really wanna know what pisses me off... By: Alexandra Galica

It was the beginning of junior year when I decided to finally find work other than babysitting. So I started working as a server at a banquet hall. Serving food ain't anything like babysitting kids, but some of the guests sure as hell act like them. If you've ever dealt with extremely rude people, keep reading, cause it's about to get damn interesting...

My typical work night technically starts at 3:30, ya know, just so we can set up the tables and all. It takes a pretty damn long time to wipe every single dish, cup, plate, and piece of silverware AND place them in perfect order on your own tables. Let's not forget that all the napkins have to be folded, the pitchers have to be filled, and the dressings and creamers have to be put in place as well. God FORBID I take a break when I'm done just to relax a little! So that's what I did, and what do I get in return? A scolding from the ol' grumpy kitchen workers for being "lazy" and "bothersome". Yeah, I get that you have work to do and you get pissed off too, but I need a goddam break. So excuse me while I relax a little. Not like I have anything better to do for the next HOUR before the guests start to arrive.

After an hour or so of waiting in the kitchen, the guests start to arrive. Oh joy.. From this point on, I gotta prepare myself for insults, rudeness, inconsideration, drunken pervs, conceited women, dirty looks, and a whole lotta yelling. Don't be mistaken, I'm actually fine with the majority of the guests. Ya know, the ones that actually act like decent human beings and not total asses.

Dinner finally starts, and the total asses turn into even BIGGER asses now that they're hungry. They start complainin' about God knows what. Any slight nuisance makes those hungry morons a million times more irritating. My first day ever of working as a server was greeted with complaints regarding my lack of speed when handing out dinner plates. For Chrissake, do ya want me to drop the whole goddam dishes on the floor? Relax! I'm new here, cut me some slack, will ya? Further contributing to my pissed off attitude with these morons is an incident that happened not-so-long ago with my friend, who was also working with me. One lady-- one nasty lady-- had the NERVE to criticize my friend for her serving quality. And on top of that, she had already requested special dishes for her table. SPECIAL dishes. For HER table. Did she really think that my friend was able to bring her SPECIALLY REQUESTED food in less than 1/10000 of a second? Ugh! And let's not forget one incident that happened to me, too! So I was taking away everyone's dishes if they were done, and I mistakenly took away someone's plate who was still eating, although she sure didn't look like she still was. Her utensils were crossed on her plate (which, in case you didn't know, means that you're DONE eating) so naturally I picked up her plate and cleaned it off before putting it in the dish bin. And what does she do? She yells, "Hey, kid. Next time, ASK before you just TAKE AWAY someone's plate! Oh well, it's too late now". Excuse me? I spent the last damn hour tending to your selfish needs and you don't even have the respect to call me something other than kid? And everyone thinks that us kids are the rude ones...

Later in the night is when things kinda get interesting. More than half the people in the hall are drunk by this time, so I start to care less about what these people think of me. The dreaded time comes where some servers have to wander throughout the whole hall picking up garbage, dishes, empty cups, silverware, etc. And the worst part is that you have no idea if people are still using certain things. This process takes a goddam eternity. Now, back to my hatred for rudeness. So I was doing what I was supposed to do; cleaning up the tables as much as possible when some rude, drunk, old guy starts cursing at me in Polish about how I almost took his EMPTY glass. I'm just doing my job, goddam it! If you have a problem, talk to the one in charge of us. To add on, the time of cleaning off tables is also the time that men (also drunk) start to act really weird. I have been catcalled, stared at creepily, touched inappropriately, and offered alcohol (Don't worry, I'm a good kid. If I drank on the job I would be fired right on the spot). I guess it's just some of the hassles I have to deal with while working, but I'm not kidding when I say that these guys need some serious therapy.

Aaaah, this is the part when the night is finally done. I eat, change out of my work clothes, and receive what I earned. Now, despite my intense ranting about this job I do admit that I wouldn't change it for the world. It's tiring, exciting, irritating, overwhelming, and fun all at the same time. Sure I gotta deal with assholes here and there, but if it pays, every moment is goddam worth it.

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