How chicks devolop?

Day 1 First, there tissue development starts.Day 2 Then,heart forms and begins to beat. Day 3 After that the blood vessels grow.Day 4 Limb development begins and on day 5 it still continues.Day 6 digits form and beak development begins.Day 7 beak development continues.Day 8 feather development begins.Day 9 mouth 10 claw development begins.Day 11 tail feathers begin. Day 12 scales form on feet and legs.Day 13 eyelids form.Day 14 Head turns towards large end of egg. Day 15 gut draws into 16 feathers cover 17 head tucks between legs.Day 18 Embryo fills available space. Day 19 yolk sac draws into abumen. Day 20 internal pip.Day 21 Hatching.

watch the video or clip under to get more info.

the starts to be grey then after
air cell - an empty space located at the large end of the egg; it is between the inner and outer shell membranes. chalaza - a spiral, rope-like strand that anchors the yolk in the thick egg white. There are two chalazae anchoring each yolk, one on the top and one on the bottom. (The plural of chalaza is chalazae.) germinal disc or blastodisc - a small, circular, white spot 2-3 mm across on the surface of the yolk; it is where the sperm enters the egg. The nucleus of the egg is in the blastodisc. inner shell membrane - the thin membrane located between the outer shell membrane and the albumin. outer shell membrane - the thin membrane located just inside the shell. shell - the hard, protective coating of the egg. It is semi-permeable; it lets gas exchange occur, but keeps other substances from entering the egg. The shell is made of calcium carbonate. thick albumin - the stringy part of the egg white (albumin) located nearest the yolk. thin albumin - the watery part of the egg white (albumin) located farthest from the yolk. vitelline (yolk) membrane - the membrane that surrounds the yolk. yolk - the yellow, inner part of the egg where the embryo will form. The yolk contains the food that will nourish the embryo as it grows.

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