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See the schedule below for your live, TEAMS classroom orientation (RECORDINGS ARE ALSO BELOW)

The TEAMS links are below the Principal's Update

PrincipaL's Update

Mark your calendars for the virtual orientations WEDNESDAY, AUG. 19TH and 20TH. You will get to "meet" your teachers and learn more about this quarter's operations and procedures. The video below will give you an overview of what is needed in order to have the most successful quarter, semester, and school year possible.

As always, please actively pray for Orlando Junior Academy and her students.

View this video for the administration overview orientation of the new school year process. The full re-opening plan is view-able just below.

Virtual Orientation Links


Thursday, August 20, 2020

• End-of-school is pushed by one week to May 28, 2021, with our graduation being held on a traditional Thursday, May 27, 2021.

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I am sure you saw the video update to parents explaining OJA's response to your concerns. In order to provide the best education possible for the various family situations, we are offering in-person instruction (all faculty & staff report to OJA in-person) as well as the ability for parents to register their students to be in-school at-home.


• The students must wear their full OJA uniforms

• The camera must be turned on

• The students must be present/accounted for and attendance will be taken

• This will be a closed system so that only registered at-home students of OJA can access the platform

• The system will utilize TEAMS

• If a student opts for SWI, s/he may not come to the campus for any programming until s/he changes the learning platform to in-person (this is to best help maintain safety and health, not because we don’t want to see you here)

• OJA will examine the COVID19 situation and attempt to best balance against student needs (We are looking at this one quarter at a time)

• Once your student has begun SWI they will continue throughout the quarter with this learning option. If a family chooses to switch their student to in-person learning, they will not be able to return to the SWI option (exceptions include, family emergency, severe illness, executive orders, etc.)

• The Step Up for Students Scholarship will cover SWI for eligible students for up to the first semester of the 2020-2021 school year. That the tuition rate is the same for SWI as for in-person instruction.

• This is a temporary measure to address the present COVID19 situation

These will be sent out closer to the new


This is where your child comes to OJA and enjoys his/her classes in person. Masks are currently required in all indoor, public spaces. We will do our best to support your decisions around your child’s well-being with regards to wearing masks in the classroom. Please remember that we also need to keep our teachers’ health in mind. Temperatures will be taken at least twice daily: Once before students enter the building and again during the school day.


OJA will not will offer after school sports for the first quarter of this academic year. However, after school enrichment is still available for those who choose that additional, fee-based service.


OJA has always practices cleanliness, however these practices will become a routine part of the students' days within each class. Time will be dedicated to teaching hand-washing and will also be dedicated to frequent hand-washing (ex. between class periods). These practices will be integrated into the class day and students will participate in the cleaning of their areas. SWI students will use the time to clean their devices and other at-home-workspaces.


Please visit DiscoverOJA.com to find the latest information under the Current Families Section. We've recently published the updated calendar, school supplies list, dress code information, and free/reduced applications for the lunch program.

Remember, so much of this is temporary. A thick silver lining is that most buildings across the country have received a level of cleaning unseen in years. Plus, our students will learn some of the finer lessons around cleanliness. We will be fine; these inconveniences are just that - no school year ever runs perfectly, so we can think of this as this year's story-making challenge. God already knew this was coming, so remember that He's got this. We do our part, He takes care of the rest, which is always the bigger, tougher stuff.


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