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Personal Brand Mark I made from my signature.

I have experience in: Public Relations, Marketing, Graphic Design, Campaign Planning, Art Directing, Branding & Identity, Multimedia, Social Media Marketing, Photography and Image Editing.

This is a presentation of some of my work.

I love what I do - because Creative Works!

Photo Retouching

Photo retouching. On the far left is the original shot. The headshot in the middle has been fixed and optimized in Photoshop (I use this one on my LinkedIn profile!). The image on the right has been posterized and painted in Photoshop.
Another example of photo retouching. Original image on the left. Retouched photo on the right.


Before and After. I rebuilt this logo (on the right) in Illustrator so it would be clean and scalable for an upcoming conference.

Mountaineer Food Bank sponsored a statewide contest for a redesign of its logo. They wanted something simple, scalable and usable in a variety of media. The requirements: use orange somewhere in the design, and include mountains and country roads. They also mentioned it would be nice having a truck in the design, since they transport food via truck to 48 counties in West Virginia.

Logo Redesign. Previous logo on left, my version on right.

Winner of logo contest will be announced in June 2017.

Client sketch for new logo.
My sketch.
Food Bank logo variations.
Logo I created for a local business. I wanted the logo to evoke a feeling of patriotism, have a retro feel, and suggest a bullet swooshing underneath the letters. I wanted the logo to be legible, crisp and high contrast, with good shapes holding together as a unit.
The logo mocked up on a sign in front of the shop.
Some of the different logo ideas I tried for Stevens Firearms. When developing logos, I usually start with black and white, and then try out color schemes. Black and white enables you to see the forms, shapes and unity of the logo before you complicate things with color!
Chamber Orchestra Kremlin

Ironton Council for the Arts

I was a designer and PR consultant for the Ironton Council for the Arts from 2000 to 2014.

Montana Skies Duo
Here's a logo I designed for the Ironton Council for the Arts, a non-profit organization that each year presents a season of live, world-class musical performances. The logo is used in black, but also dark blue.

When I first encountered the Ironton Council for the Arts, it had no logo and did a poor job promoting itself. I volunteered to market the organization. I created the logo, season brochures, posters, flyers, press releases and submitted concert announcements and performance reviews to the local newspapers. I convinced the organization to start a website and Facebook page. It was exciting to see resulting higher season ticket sales, larger audiences and greater visibility for this all-volunteer arts organization that offers outstanding music and performing arts events.

Front Cover and Page 6 of the 2014-2015 Season Brochure.
Inside front cover and Page 5 of the brochure (It's all in the folding and stitching!). Images and basic biographical information were provided by the musicians. I reworked the copy, added the headers, optimized the images and layed out the brochure.
Pages 4 and 1. You can tell where you are by the performance dates. Earlier shows are in the fall and later shows are in the spring.
Inside Spread - Pages 2 and 3.
The all-important pricing and ticket information! This performance series is the best bargain in the Tri-State – high quality live shows by top notch musicians at an unbelieveably low price.
Cover and Page 6, 2013-2014 Season.
Inside front and Page 5.
Pages 4 and 1.
Pages 2 and 3.
Prelude Dinner insert for Season 2013-2014 that was stuffed into the brochures. The dinner was an added attraction for audiences. The theme that year was "Arabian Nights," with Middle Eastern food to go along with the Iraqi music.
30th Anniversary Icon
The 2010-2011 Season was the 30th Anniversary of the Ironton Council for the Arts! I developed a little logo/icon for the occasion. The performances were truly outstanding that year. Here is the front cover and Page 6 of the brochure.
Inside front and Page 5.
Pages 4 and 1. Can you believe the Russians came to Ironton, Ohio?!
Center Spread, Pages 2 and 3.
Ticket information - the goal was to sell season passes for all six shows.
Poster to promote the 2010-2011 30th Anniversary Concert Series.

Mountwest Community & Technical College

I've been a full-time Assistant Professor at Mountwest Community & Technical College since August 2014. I was brought on board to establish a new Graphic Design associate's degree program.

Badge I created in Illustrator for promoting the Graphic Design program.
Joint press release announcing Articulation Agreement between Mountwest's and Marshall's Graphic Design programs.
Article about formal Internship Agreement for Graphic Design and PR students between Mountwest and Barnes Agency.
Fundraising flyer - we raised twice as much as our goal.
Flyer for portrait photography sessions, Spring 2017.
TV display graphic for portrait photography sessions, Spring 2017.
Screen shot of web slider graphic.
Flyer for Japanese Tea event, Spring 2017.
TV Display graphic for Japanese Tea event.
Web slider graphic for Japanese Tea event.
TV graphic.
Web slider.
Screen shot of web slider graphic.
Front and Back Covers, "Passport to Learning."
Flyer for 2016 Digital Media & Gaming Summer Camps at Mountwest.
Website slider to promote the Summer Camps.
My news release posted on the college website.
Graphic I designed in Illustrator for the summer camp shirts.
Mock-up of the design on a shirt.
2016 graduation invitation.
Flyer for a fundraising activity sponsored by the Mountwest Classified Staff.
Web Slider.
Web Slider.
Flyer to promote the Mountwest Town Hall meeting, Fall 2016. I was on the planning committee for this event, which far exceeded our expectations! We had a standing room only crowd of students, faculty, staff, community members, politicians and their supporters. It was a civil, lively and informative evening.
Graphic for the TV Display monitors on campus.
Newspaper ad.
We started doing the Christmas Card design contest in 2014, when my program was first launched. Above is the photo and press release I submitted to local newspapers about the 2016 winner.
Article on Herald-Dispatch website.

River's Bend Health Care

I was Director of Marketing and Admissions at River's Bend Health Care, a skilled nursing and rehabilitation center, from 2011 through 2014. This family-owned business needed branding, marketing and community outreach - which I provided with great results.

Logo I developed for River's Bend Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation.

I had a lighted sign with the new logo placed prominently on the front of the building. I also had a large lighted highway sign installed near a major roadway and smaller directional signs placed on the streets to help people find the facility, which is tucked away in a neighborhood.

I worked with a developer to create a web page for the facility, since it didn't have one, and was hard to find on a Google search. I took photos and created content for the site.

The home page has a slider that showcases people and amenities at River's Bend to give visitors a positive impression of this family-owned facility.
Attractive back patio area.
On-site salon.
Members of the caregiving team.
One of the nice, new, private short-term rooms that were set up during my time at River's Bend.
Another private short-term room.
Some of the wonderful residents who lived at the facility.
A sweet moment between a resident and her nurse.
Graphic for River's Bend signage.
Article and photo I released to the media in May 2012. I had successfully convinced the owner that the facility needed a 20' x 10' lighted sign with the new logo that could easily be seen from U.S. 52. It serves as a billboard, a branding mark and a way finding device.

I established a Facebook Page and YouTube Channel for River's Bend.

Main Facebook Page.
River's Bend YouTube Channel.

Here are several of the TV spots I developed to promote River's Bend. I coordinated the testimonials and scenes, wrote the scripts and oversaw the shooting and editing. I posted the ads to the YouTube Channel - unfortunately the screen resolution and sound are not ideal.

I recorded events and entertainers for the YouTube Channel to show that River's Bend is a lively, fun place, where residents are up, out, and involved in numerous activities.

River's Bend was one of those "best kept secrets." I wanted the region to know about this great healthcare facility so I launched an ongoing multimedia advertising campaign for River's Bend that included newspaper ads, digital ads, radio spots, TV spots and public relations activities/community outreach.
Therapy services are a major source of revenue for the facility and were promoted heavily.
I designed these shirts for the therapy "graduates" to wear home. Newspaper ad promoting rehabilitative services.
Flyer promoting the Therapy Program.
Ongoing ad campaign touting the success stories of residents and staff. To grow public awareness and positive perception of River's Bend.
Newspaper ad promoting the new Electronic Medication system at River's Bend.
Ad I developed for an email marketing campaign. Agency reps said our campaign did above average in response, with hundreds of clicks.
While at River's Bend, I developed a lot of materials that served both to promote the facility and to provide information to residents and their families. People have lots of questions and concerns about skilled nursing care. I positioned River's Bend as a warm, friendly and helpful place. This rebranding initiative included conducting Customer Service training sessions for the staff.
The Herald-Dispatch gave me byline and photo credits for this article and picture I submitted. A very heartwarming holiday story, I must say!
Newspaper article I wrote promoting River's Bend's high resident satisfaction rating.
Article I wrote for the West Virginia Chapter of the National Alzheimer's Association, Spring 2012 newsletter.

Bridges Magazine

I've been a writer and photographer for Bridges Magazine since 2010. I pitch story ideas to the editor about interesting people and places, business leaders, and things going on in the region.

Spring 2017 issue.
Wrote headline and article for the Spring 2017 issue of Bridges Magazine, it's 50th edition of the publication. I also suggested that the photographer take the photos outside since Chief Kelley doesn't spend much time in his office - he's usually out and about in the city.
Fall 2016 issue - my story on the Ironton-Russell Bridge made the cover!
Wrote this article and headline, and researched and found historic photos of the bridge that were used in the spread. Many of the anecdotes and remembrances in this article came from requesting input on Facebook!
It was a pleasure developing this story about my friend Katrina Keith, now Mayor of Ironton. Photographer Ashley Gallaher Quinn took the shots during the interview. I wrote the headline, article and subheads.
Summer 2015 issue. The Aspire Academy hadn't officially opened yet, so we staged the photos. It worked out very well - gave a sense of what they were trying to do with this innovative program.
Fall 2014 issue. I selected photos of the ball from C.J.'s stash. It was interesting to learn about her reasons for working so hard on the charity ball every year - her own poverty as a child, and the loss of her son. I don't think a lot of people knew that until the story was published.
I wrote article and headline and took most of the photos. The restoration shots were provided by Daniel Hartwig, the artist.
Fall 2010 issue. Wrote headline, article and took the photo of the Medal of Honor Monument, which was unveiled during grand opening ceremonies for the Kentucky Veterans Cemetery Northeast.
My story concludes at the very top of this page, under the header "Heroes."

King's Daughters Medical Center

I was a Marketing/PR Specialist at King's Daughters Medical Center from 1995 until 2010. I was there during a period of dramatic growth and prosperity, as we repositioned the company from a small-town hospital into a major regional referral center. During my tenure, KDMC built three major expansions to the main building, added 12 off-campus facilities and brought new medical specialties to the region .

I was part of a group that served as an in-house creative team for the hospital. We did a lot of the creative ourselves, but also worked closely with advertising agencies on major projects.

I did a wide variety of work for KDMC - spokesperson and media relations, community relations, special events, continuing education conferences, corporate communications, video and radio production, marketing and advertising.

Front of a mailer promoting the King's Daughters Heart and Vascular Center. That's my Dad! I sweet talked him into sharing his story and having his photo taken. I wrote the headline and story and layed out the card.
Back of the promotional mailer, featuring the story I wrote and layed out.
I made a deal with McMurray Publishing for exclusive rights for King's Daughters Medical Center in the Tri-State area for the Vim & Vigor health magazine. This premium quarterly magazine featured celebrities on the cover, articles about health, wellness and nutrition inside, and 20 customizable client pages. KDMC sent this magazine to 40,000 targeted households in the Tri-State area for 10 years (1995 to 2005). I served as editor of this magazine - planning the KDMC-focused articles and calls to action, writing and editing each issue.
Front side of a mailer promoting the 2008 Heart & Vascular conference. I had the pleasure of wrangling all the docs to show up at the right time and place for the group photo! I've also had to Photoshop docs into the image at times, when they weren't available for the group photo. I layed out the card, wrote the copy, organized the mailing.
Back side of the mailer.
KDMC 2010 Stroke Symposium. I was on the planning committee for this event and did the graphic design. Photoshop and QuarkXpress.
This brochure cover shows a female physician, a female manager and a member of the Auxiliary. They represent different generations of women - this conference targeted women of all ages and walks of life. I was on the planning committee for this event, wrote the copy and layed out the brochure.
To educate the public about women's risk for developing cardiovascular disease, I created a short video that featured the stories and experiences of three female KDMC heart patients. We gave the video to guests at the "Go Red for Women" luncheon event and also offered it as a give-away online and in print ads.
2009 Community Annual Report. Quite an involved project! Organizing photos, compiling images, facts and figures, writing copy and laying it all out into a multi-page full-color booklet. Used Word, Photoshop and Quark Xpress.
2008 Community Annual Report.
Extra little flap, with the physician photo bleeding from one page onto this folded extension.
Other side of the flap.
Huge poster display I created that was shown at a national cardiology conference.
Another huge poster display I created to promote the King's Daugthers Heart and Vascular program at a national cardiology conference.
Newspaper ad for Dr. Jenkinson. I art directed the photo, wrote the copy and layed out the ad.
Flyer promoting Dr. Jenkinson.
Billboard for Dr. Jenkinson.
Direct mailer for Dr. Jenkinson.

Personal Expression

Just for fun! Here are a few projects I've done for personal enjoyment and creative exploration.

My fan poster for the movie Unstoppable.
Photo Collage titled "Big Stuff and Little Stuff." I took these photos last year (2016) in New York City.
Photo Collage titled "Dinner Date." I snuck photos of this cute couple enjoying their meal in a diner in Brooklyn.
"A Face in the Crowd." The guy in the black leather jacket caught my eye!
A fun, 8-page Zine (mini-magazine) that I created on the topic of hair. Pencil and ink on paper, then Photoshop. Zines are meant to be copied or printed inexpensively and handed out for others to enjoy.
You can see the pencil marks and initial inking.
Inked, cleaned up and scanned.
Color added in Photoshop.
Fruits and Flowers doodle, pencil and ink on paper.
My avatar, created from this headshot, made in Illustrator.
Acrylic painting, with typography added in Photoshop.
Carousel Animals pencil drawing.
What do you see in these bare branches?

This is what I see!

Thank you for viewing this presentation! Be Well.


Artwork and many photos in this presentation are by Julie S. Terry.

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