It's a Process Journey Log

Camille Belton---Ellimac Engl1030-41--JL#8 Bard -- Creativity

Last week

Last week in class we went over our final projects. In total we have 3 projects. 2 need to be completed in minecraft, and 1 is about minecraft. I chose to start with Raid 5 seeing as it is the one that is due the soonest. In Raid 5 I need to create a sanctuary for my villian (Davy Jones) in miencraft.

At first I figured this would be easy. I simply just needed to make a ship, take a video of it, and give it to someone else. The latter part of the instructions are easy, as for the creation of the ship, there have been problems.

First Attempt

When I first tried to make the ship in class with about 30 mins, the only thing i accomplished was a location for the ship. if it took me 30 mins to find a location, imagine how long it would take me to actually build it. Time-management is not my strongest attribute, but i need to work fast, so other people can watch my video.

While this is my biggest concern, I think I'm missing the big point of the project. This is all about a process which is similar to the writing process. Instead of jumping in and rushing to build a ship that doesn't even look like a ship, I need to follow a process. Poor planning creates a poor product. As with writing, I need to plan out my departments and overall shape of the ship.

Habit of Mind

I should also be creative. Creativity to a habit of mind that uses novel approaches for generating, investigating, and representing ideas. I should not just have the mindset of making a ship. Instead I need to be int he creative mindset of making Davy Jones Ship. The ship should be a reflection of him.

After planning out rooms, looking up way to build ship structure, and build rooms underwater, I feel more confident in the process. I will try my best not to rush, and I'm determined to make it authentic.


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