Butterfly Garden BY: JOSEPH NAPOLI

Nature on Display

The design of the butterfly garden at the museum was a key element in capturing my attention as well as the other visitors. It was very immersive as you were lead through a hall with TVs and decorations to start to peak curiosity. Then, as you were close to the entrance to the museum, there were all of the different types of butterflies across the world paned out. This gave the feeling of how significant this species is, as every part of the world had a type of butterfly. As for the actual exhibit, it provided a wonderful get away as inside you felt as if you were in the natural world. The different types of trees and plants allowed for the mid to be open, taking in all of the knowledge the guide had to say and to truly appreciate nature to the fullest.

Photograph with a blue butterfly in the exhibit

Nature and Ethics

As you walk through the museum exhibit, thoughts about humanities place in the natural world come about. I contemplated on my actions and what I have done to better the only world that we have to live on. I have not done much, even though it is clear to see that everything in this world has a connection. As I walked through, I saw the kids reacting in awe as the butterflies flew close to them and saw the innocence that I once had. The perceived beauty of the natural world that had escaped me for years. This visit instilled some ethical responsibilities back into my life and my role with nature. It opened my eyes to the common connection with Mother Earth and my responsibility to maintain its beauty.

Posing next to a butterfly that is over my shoulder

Nature and the Human Spirit

The nature exhibit allowed for the escape from the everyday world. It allowed for an experience that is truly real. Nature, unlike our lives, is completely unpredictable. While inside, the butterflies were flying around in random directions, going where they pleased. This lack of freedom is, ironically, one of the things I learned from the museum. The butterflies did what they pleased, even though they could only stay inside the exhibit. Compared to me, who is allowed to go and do pretty much whatever whenever, the butterfly exhibits more freedom than I do. I follow a similar methodical way, day-in and day-out, and do not stray or explore what the world has to offer. This butterfly exhibit not only helped me step out of my ways for an hour, but for years to come as I wish to explore all that the natural world has to offer.

Photo with another butterfly amongst flowers


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