Wake the World Report 2020

Life is all about the choices we make. Although it might be easy to say 2020 was a year worth forgetting, we have a lot to be grateful for. At Tuthill, it was a very challenging year, yet we persisted. As an essential business, our employees demonstrated the grit, grace, gratitude, and love needed to get through the pandemic together. We had greater social impact in 2020 than any year since we started our Wake the World programs five years ago.

Cause Areas

It began with veteran support back in 2015 and we've since added three more cause areas to our social impact portfolio based on the astounding impact our employees want to have.


As an organization rooted in continuous improvement, education is at our core. We focus on blending conscious leadership with lean principles.

Children & Youth

Our future lies in the hearts, heads, and hands of the children and we're committed to supporting them through volunteer engagement and financial contributions.


Tuthill's vision is to be an ingenious company that supports flourishing families and spirited communities. We believe in supporting the communities we're located in.


Supporting those who protect our freedom and the ground we manufacture on is something we love doing, especially when it means helping them when they're feeling anything less than fully alive.

Our Cause Partners

We partner with select local Boys & Girls Clubs in the US and Nottinghamshire Clubs for Young People in the UK to provide educational opportunities and to enhance aliveness in the clubs, with members and their families, and for our employees through volunteer engagement and fundraising.

In 2020 we supported the following clubs:

  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Fort Wayne
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Springfield
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of the Suncoast
  • Boys Club of Cicero
  • Nottinghamshire Clubs for Young People

Workforce Readiness

Members from the Boys Club of Cicero visited our corporate headquarters to learn more about Tuthill's business, conscious leadership, and the diverse careers available in manufacturing.

Employees from several functional areas within Tuthill shared presentations with the kids to help them learn more about the many career opportunities in the manufacturing industry as well as the paths they took to get there.

In a special group session with Tuthill's CEO, Steve Westfall, club members got to ask whatever they wanted to learn about what it takes to lead an organization.

During interactive experiences, members learned about importance conscious leadership principles such as clearly communicating, asking for help, and testing assumptions.

Members from Nottinghamshire Clubs for Young People, our non-profit cause partner in the UK that serves young people with various disabilities, visited our plant as part of their Employability and Life Skill Development program.

Recognizing Rigor

Tuthill employees stopped by the club for some dodgeball, ping pong, and to serve some pizza to the kids to recognize their report card success.

Fundraising with Food

Our employees hosted annual chili cook-off events to fundraise for local Boys & Girls Clubs.

Astounding Impact

Events: 35

Children Served: 4,115

Employee Volunteer Hours: 1,331

Employee Participation: 21% Direct, 54% Indirect

Employee Fundraising: $15,608

Tuthill Contributions: $127,195

Spring Cleaning

Employees gathered with family and friends to prep the clubs for the kids' return after school let out for the summer.

“Whenever we need something Tuthill always comes through; even beyond the scope of our partnership. Tuthill's commitment to us never wavered. This is the epitome of what I want partnerships to look like; intentional, meaningful, and you delivered… even during the middle of the pandemic.”

Brandy Harris, CEO, Boys & Girls Clubs of Springfield

Masks of Gratitude

Together, with the Boys Club of Cicero, we wanted to show some gratitude for the care workers at Sertoma Centre, a non-profit that serves individuals with severe mental disabilities, right around the corner from our plant in Alsip, IL. We donated over 200 masks to protect one another and to inspire aliveness.

Masks of Gratitude: The top three design concepts were voted on by our employees and custom-made for donation to care givers.
Tuthill employees and the Boys Club members hand-crafted thank you cards to show gratitude for the work they do at Sertoma Centre.

Pandemic Perseverance

2020 required that we have less in-person time with the kids, but we found many other ways to support them.

Employees distributed over 200 pumpkins for carving.

Virtual opportunities knocked... and we answered.

Help at Home

While the kids sheltered in place we found ways to support them by donating and delivering food & hygiene supplies and conducting fun, virtual engagement opportunities like online scavenger hunts where they were able to win prizes that make them feel alive.
“Tuthill Corporation’s passion and dedication is exemplary and they have significantly impacted the Club and the children and teens we serve every day. Tuthill’s long term commitment is truly appreciated and highly valued as we continue to encourage and inspire our youth to be our future community leaders.”

Joe Jordan, President & CEO, Boys & Girls Clubs of Fort Wayne

Competitive Compassion

Our first ever Braggin' Rights fundraiser victory went to our team in Springfield, MO. Together we donated over 5,400 school supplies to local Boys & Girls Clubs.
“Boys & Girls Clubs of the Suncoast is honored to partner with Tuthill, as they have helped to support and impact the lives of hundreds of kids and teens. Through Tuthill’s dedication, they have provided the critical resources our families and kids need, especially during this difficult time. We can’t thank them enough for ensuring our kids continue to have access to workforce development programs, academic success initiatives and healthy lifestyle classes.”

Cassie Kackley, Chief Development Officer, Boys & Girls Clubs of the Suncoast

Drive-Thru Difference

Tuthill Employees delivered 750 Thanksgiving meals to club members and their families in a collaborative community event with Coca-Cola and Lambert's Cafe.

Virtual Values

Matthew Weaver, Tuthill's Aliveness Champion, trained the staff of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Springfield on identifying their values via several remote sessions.


Employees building brand new bikes for the Boys Club of Cicero during Tuthill's first annual Aliveness Week celebration.

S.T.E.M. Education

Tuthill employees taught club members elements of S.T.E.M. through fun activities throughout the year.

We taught the kids about scientific observation, estimating, research, and forming and testing hypotheses.

And you bet we had some fun too! Some of the kids had never carved pumpkins before this. You should've seen their eyes when they saw, felt, and smelled what was inside.

We taught them about chemical reactions, special effects, and simple pumping technology.

As they assembled their witches lair equipped with a bubbling cauldron.

They also learned some basic physics as they designed eyeball-flinging catapults.

The competition was fierce and new club records were established.

Teams in Burr Ridge and Alsip partnered with teams at the club to build the tallest gumdrop towers possible. They learned the importance of a solid foundation as well as the strength of triangles... and gravity!

This particular S.T.E.M. event raised over $1,000 in support from Tuthill employees for the Boys Club of Cicero.

"Our partnership with the Tuthill Corporation has been nothing short of amazing! The relationship our boys are developing with Tuthill mentors is something that continues to grow and has a deep meaningful impact on their lives. Thank you for becoming part of our Club family!"

Edgar Montiel, Executive Director & CEO, Boys Club of Cicero

Awarding Awesomeness

Tuthill employees assisted with various recognition programs such as the Youth of the Month, Youth of the Year, Futures Employability Programs, and the Apprentice of the Year. Whether it was mentoring, financial support, judging, or award presentation, our employees were there to show our support to these individuals. Two of our very own employees were awarded the Blue AmbassaDOOR Award for being outstanding volunteers by the Boys & Girls Clubs of Springfield.

Our Care Partner

Since 2015, Tuthill has supported Team Rubicon, a veteran-based disaster response organization that exists to reduce the suicide rate amongst veterans.

Run as One

For our annual Run as One event with Team Rubicon, employees found creative ways to participate virtually in support of mental health for veterans.

Tuthill raised over $7,000 for Team Rubicon by holding a silent auction for unused items in our factories and offices.

Spirited Communities

Tuthill employees supported many other local organizations throughout 2020. We strive to support flourishing families and spirited communities.

A group of employees and some members of the Boys Club of Cicero pack food for Feed My Starving Children.

Missing Maps Mapathon

Employees gathered online to work with the American Red Cross to map unmapped areas as a means for disaster response organizations to locate homes, roads, and other structures in the event of a disaster. We mapped 1,816 buildings.

To learn more about Tuthill and our Wake the World efforts watch our purpose film below or visit Tuthill.com.

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