Digital Imaging simon Davies

Rearview mirror

Below is screenshot of layers used to complete final image
  • For this image i started off with background layer of the car windscreen and made a duplicate layer.
  • Then used new image layer with different background to input into the windscreen and used layer mask with the paint brush tool.
  • Next again with a new layer and layer masking I place a new mirror onto the windscreen of the car.
  • The place image that I wanted within the view of the mirror and used again layer masks and paintbrush tool to take away what wasn't needed, I also turn the opacity of the image down to use as a guide to get clean edges.
  • This then just left me to add colour filter to whole image and a high pass sharpening filter.

Open your Eye

Below is screen shot of layers used to complete image
  • For this image I started with a background layer of my eye and created a duplicate layer, then using puppet warp tool, I distorted the eye to make it look as though it had been opened by something, then using a separate image of clock cogs I used the lasso tool to make a large selection of an area I was going to use and created another layer with selection.
  • Using a layer mask I cleaned the edges to insert selection into the eye then using additional layers to insert more predominate eyelashes.
  • I then used lasso tool selections of another image to place detail in the image by adding the hooks that appear to pull eye open and also the blood to make it look more realistic. Shadows were added to the hooks one was done using a duplicate layer of the hook and exposure turn completely down using an adjustment layer linked to just the duplicate hook layer to make it black and the other shadow was done just using the Burn tool.
  • A high pass filter was used on a selection of just under the eye to created the bruise and again burn tool to darken the top eyelid.
  • The whole image was then high pass filter sharpened with colour filter on overall image to create final result.

Take back the City

Below is screen shot of layers used to complete image
  • This image I started off with background layer being of the map and duplicated layer, then using the new 3D feature within Photoshop I clicked new mesh with layer and used sphere shape to wrap another duplicate layer of map background with a flattened duplicate of sphere for the shadow.
  • Then used lasso tool to make rough selection around person with a reveal all mask to used with paintbrush to refine edges and blend in with background to make it look like a natural image.
  • Then used quick selection tool on image for the rope and knot once selection was made, I then used select and mask tool to paint in or out what was needed and once done clicked to be in layer with layer mask. this then gave rope for around globe that I puppet warped around globe and warped it up to the shoulder of person pulling rope and again used the burn tool to add in shadow.
  • The final thing I done was duplicate image to add a high pass sharpen filter and finally used colour lookup to add image colour.

The Last of Us

Below is screen shot of layers used to complete image
  • This image I started with the background layer of the old building and made a duplicate, then using second image I used quick selection of a sky and create this layer with layer mask to blend in with background, I turned the opacity of the sky down so I could see background layer and with paintbrush I cleaned up image edges.
  • Then made two individual lasso cut-out layers of the two models and used layer masks to blend In, I then made two further duplicates of the models to make shadows be creating adjustment layers and linking layers to just model shadow layers.
  • Finally I used high pass sharpen filter and used a colour filter to make image stand out.

All the Small Things

Below is screen shot of layers used to complete image
  • This image was created using firstly background layer of books to create a hidey with candle light, then duplicated background.
  • Then made a quick selection of model reading a book and used layer mask to blend images with a adjustment layer added to just model layer with a colour filter to make image look real, with this layer selection I made a duplicate of image to create shadow and using free transform tool to warp shadow
  • Finally I made duplicate of whole image to add a high pass sharpening filter with colour look-up filter over whole image.

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