Sleep and Caffiene Self Designed Exhibit 2

For my second self-designed exhibit, I wanted to focus more wholly on my sleep schedule, which is in shambles, and how to improve it. My last exhibit noted changes in energy level, but did not take into consideration other habits of mine and other circumstances throughout my daily life. This new experiment aimed to correlate naps taken, caffeine consumed, exercise done, and sleep setting when taking into account which methods work best for me. To start out, I realized that I slept more on days that I was more tired, which was expected. I also noticed that days I consumed caffeine after 4pm were more difficult to fall asleep. Most of my findings for this experiment were as I expected, especially considering I knew that my sleep habits were awful, however it did help me to identify the problems and try to fix them since I was forced to focus on them. My body does not like getting less than six hours, which I was doing often before my spring break. After spring break, a time of sleeping often and feeling more energized to get things done and spend time with friends, I was also sick, and therefore realized the importance of rest. That being said, certain factors in this are out of my control, including the fact that not waking up at 5 for Air Force PT, and also skipping an 8 am class (oops) enabled me to get a much longer and essential sleep. This experiment helped me to realize the effects of my bad habits on my body, and the importance of making sure I catch up on sleep (either during the day or on weekends) during the days where I would otherwise not have much going on. I also need to focus on limiting how much and when I drink my coffee, because refraining from that for as long as possible helps you to feel more rested when you wake up in the morning.


Created with images by Atiqah Aekman W. - "Polka Dots"

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